5 Popular And Amazing Facts About Southwest Indian Religion

southwest indian religion

Indian religions are famous worldwide for their beliefs and customs. And, southwest Indian religion is similar to most of the Indian religions. Southwest Indians are characterized by shamanism and animism. You may already know that the temperature of the southwest is very high most of the time and the climate is very dry. Most of the areas of the southwest are covered with desert. All the southwest Indians believe water to be a precious resource and all of them follow strict rules to prevent wastage of water. Due to lack of water, the place has very few animals, which means people there had to find other ways to get food rather than hunting. And that’s why they become farmers. Anasazi, Pueblo, Hopi are some important tribes of Southwest Indian Culture. There are many more interesting things to know about Southwest Indian religion. 

Know About The Amazing Characteristics Of Southwest Indian Religion 

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People in the southwest who are today known as Anasazis once moved into the plateau of Southwest and then started living there. The word Anasazis means the ‘ancient ones’. The first Anasazi used to gather seeds, nuts, and fruits for the food. And, then they started hunting wild animals. For many years, people there use stone daggers as weapons for hunting. But, they started using arrows and bows after realizing that these weapons are harmful. 


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Pueblo means ‘town’ or ‘village’ in Spanish. The houses of the southwest Indian people were made of wood, adobe, and stone. These houses could be single stories or tall but they would always have flat roofs. For more than a thousand years people have lived in this style of buildings. 


Hopi people used to follow the precious southwest Indian religion. These people are known for their beliefs and spirituality in Animism. And, they believe in Kachinas. Kachinas are powerful deities and spirits. They can either be natural elements or animals who have the magical power of bringing rainfall, protecting Hopi tribes, and healing.


You already know that the climate in the southwest is always warm and that’s why people there never wear more than two layers of clothes. Sometimes when the weather would be cold they wear clothes made from deerskin, wool, and sheepskin. Southwest Indians also love to wear silver jewelry, embellished with turquoise.


The Anasazis were hunters, farmers, and gatherers. They used to hunt on horseback but they favored sheep. sheep were extremely important for southwest Indians because they provided wool for clothing and food to eat. Corn plays an even more crucial role. In the earlier time, people used to have ceremonies to honor “The Corn People”. The corn people were people who kept the corn safe. The Navajo also used to plant squash, beans, melons, fruit, and pumpkins.


Southwest has very popular and unique geography, climate, and culture. Similarly, the southwest Indian religion is also unique and popular. They are known for their desserts and diversity. 

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