5 Things You Can Not Afford To Miss In Assam India Tourism

assam india tourism

Well, in my opinion rather than planning a vacation abroad you should explore your country first. India is the most famous country that is rich in culture, tradition, delicious food and accepts everyone with open arms. Assam is the first state to have oil drilling in Asia. The state is famous for its scenic beauty, tea gardens, silk, Kaziranga National Park with one-horned rhinoceros, Kamakhya Temple, and many more. This article is about Assam India tourism where you will get to know about all the places you can visit in Assams that will leave you amazed.

List Of Some Famous Places From Assam India Tourism

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Kamakhya Temple

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One of the famous Hindu pilgrimage in Assam India tourism. Located on the top of a hill, a vast area, it is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas. It is approximately situated on the Nilachal Hill in the western part of Guwahati city in Assam.

Kaziranga National Park

One of the best and famous National parks in Assam India tourism. Great option to see a variety of wild animals, including rhinos. Siting animals and birds in safari is easy in this jungle as there is vast open land and big lakes. Hotels and resorts are over there so that you don’t have to worry about stay and food. Elephant ride is worth it though it is famous for rhinos, but we have seen so many other animals.


Guwahati is the largest and beautiful city in the state of Assam, and it is the gateway to North-East India, formerly known as Pragjyotishpur. The Shillong plateau sandwiches the town from one side and Brahmaputra from the other. Not only this, but Guwahati is also the largest metropolis in the whole North-Eastern region of India. Guwahati is the best place as it has many things to explore in Assam India tourism.


The best place in Assam India tourism 24 km away from Guwahati is Hajo’s lies on the holy river Brahmaputra banks. Hoju is an ancient pilgrim center. Hoju is a unique pilgrim center as it finds its Uniqueness in attracting three Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhists. Hayagriva Madhava Mandir is a famous temple that also attracts Buddhists. It is also believed that Buddha attained Nirvana here, and Hajo Powa Mecca Mosque attracts the Muslim crowd here.


Mayong Assam

‘The land of black magic’ is the other name of Mayong is a famous place in Assam India tourism. Mayong is a village situated 40km away from Guwahati in the district of Morigaon, Assam. This village lies on the banks of the holy river Brahmaputra.


These were some of the famous places of Assam India tourism that attracts attention from all over the world. For a change, you must try their favorite dishes like Khaar, Masor Tenga, aloo Ritika, Xaar Aru Bhaji, duck meat curry, Ou Tenga, etc. Above all mentioned places must be on your list if you don’t want to have real fun with adventure.

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