5 Unknown Interesting Facts About Indian Culture That Will Blow Your Mind

interesting facts about indian culture

What do you think about when you hear about India? It is mostly the people, the beautiful cities, variety of cuisines, and most importantly Bollywood. While other countries are well known for their beauty, India still stands on the top for the diverse culture which can blow your mind. Here are some of the interesting facts about Indian culture that will make you say ‘wow’.

Second-largest English speaking country

Not the UK, not any other European country but India is second to The United States when it comes to the largest English speaking as a language. More than 120 million people in India speak English and that is just 10% of the total population. Moreover, it is also used as the primary language in several educational institutions and workplaces.

Diverse culture and language

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When it comes to regional diversity, India is the largest among all countries. Every corner of India has different cultures and they speak different languages, more than 23 official languages and 25 cultures are noticeable all over India. While “Hindi” is the main language spoken, you can find people who know as many as 5 additional languages besides it. When it comes to culture, there are huge cultural differences in different parts of India such as- the people of eastern and southern India mostly consume rice, while in the northwest wheat and flour are common. In some regions, little girls are worshipped as goddesses, while in other regions people give a big amount of dowry to get their girls married.

Vibrant Festivals and celebrations

One of the most popular and exciting facts about India is its festivals, there are several festivals celebrated all around the year, and some of them are observed on a regional and religious basis. Holi is known as a festival of colors which is mostly celebrated by Hindus as well as Diwali, the festival of lights; Christmas and Eid are also celebrated by a large number of people. The amazing fact about these festivals is that everyone irrespective of different backgrounds is always welcome to celebrate the festivals with them.

Incredibly Huge Weddings

Indians spend thousands of dollars on their weddings, for dresses, for the decoration, the dishes prepared, the jewelry, the functions, etc, they also have different types of wedding rituals according to their cultures. Different types of wedding attire are also noticeable while the guest count can sometimes reach thousands of people. There are so many rituals in every wedding such as Haldi, Mehendi, Dance, Baarat, Bidayi, and reception. The eye-catching wedding designs, flowers, colors altogether make a magnificent decoration. Not to forget the diverse food items, that is the main attraction.

Wonderful Sights

Most of the people outside India think that it is a poor country with villages, cattles, dirty roads, and an undeveloped society, but in reality, it is the opposite. From the highest buildings in metropolitan cities, world-famous bridges, hill stations, and floating Post Office to The Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Victoria Memorial, and Hawa Mahal, India is full of wonders to see. The rivers, beaches, mountains, and forests are nothing less than any other country.


No other country can beat India based on cultural differences, the cultures are so diverse and amazing which attracts everyone. There are different types of dances, singing, music, greetings based on different cultures, it is also one of the biggest religious diverse countries in the world.

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