A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach

A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach

Goa is a great place to travel when traveling to India. There are numerous beautiful destinations to go in the state of Goa. But Palolem beach and its nearby locations offer amazing views. There are many destinations near Palolem visitors not aware of. You should talk to your Indian travel advisor to know about the common places in Goa. However, this is the reason we are writing on Palolem.

Palolem is a small destination that can be explored by walking or bike at the main street. Also, if you are not able to walk on the road, then you can hire taxis as well. So, traveling at Palolem beach is very easy for anyone if you go with friends and family. Thus, in this below section we have a list of some places you should go once. So, let’s know more about places and things to do.

A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach
A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach

Some Beautiful Places At Palolem Beach

Natural Curvature

Natural curvature at Palolem beach is famous for its traditional culture and serene atmosphere. Also, it is the best place for spending your vacations. Additionally, it provides you with a picturesque scene of a full portrait from both corners. Moreover, you can play sports or swim which refreshes your mind and body.

But as a safety purpose, avoid the area where boulders or big rocks are present.

Agonda Beach- Palolem Beach

Agonda is situated in a large village, and it is widely famous for its beach only. The best part of Agonda is that it offers nesting ground for sea turtles. It mainly is seen in September month. However, the temperature during September is very moderate so it is a great option to travel during this time period.

Furthermore, a morning walk gives you a chance to enjoy the natural view that is not possible in your city life. Somewhere you will see cows enjoy strolling, people jogging or exercising, some people practicing meditation. So, its a type of entirely different world that you will explore.

Dudhsagar Falls

The white water of Dudhsagar falls looks like foam or dense milk. Dudhsagar’s name means a sea of milk. Also, it is a beautiful spot, and you will feel its flowing sound as well. Additionally, it falls around 70 kilometers from Palolem beach.

Contigo Wildlife Sanctuary

Most travelers visit Palolem to explore the Contigo wildlife sanctuary. It is famous for its tall trees dense forest. In the day time, you will go and enjoy the evergreen trees, deciduous trees, and semi-evergreen trees.

Additionally, it is the home of diverse animals like Malabar trogon, flying squirrel, Indian pangolin, etc.

Butterfly Beach

It is very different from other beaches because of its exotic species. The species include goldfishes, crabs, and butterflies. Also, you will be surprised to see the sands of its beach that are white and water very translucent. So, the tourist reaches there by taking a ride of the boat from Palolem beach.

Canacona Island- Palolem Beach

A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach
A Beautiful Place Of India Travel- Palolem Beach

It is also known as monkey Island. It is a wooden tidal Island which is situated on the Palolem bay. Moreover, tourists can reach there by walking at low tide. Besides, the dolphin viewing is also possible, if your luck favors.

So, these all are the beautiful places to explore on Palolem beach. If you want to explore something different, then you should visit once at Palolem beach.

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