A Complete Guide On The Mississippian Indian Culture

Mississippian Indian Culture

The Mississippian period is known to exist from 800 to 1540 CE. The period is called Mississippian because it originated in the middle Mississippi River valley. The culture then spread to the modern-day US. There are a number of traits that can be attributed to Mississippians. These traits changed or became different as generations went by, but the uniqueness was still there.

The Lifestyle of The Mississippian Indians


Mississippians were mainly farmers and also spent their time hunting and collecting plants for food. They cultivated corn, beans, and squash which are called the three sisters by the southeastern Indians. These provided a stable diet for the Mississippians. Mississippians mainly built towns near the river or creek. It would cover about ten acres of land and will have wooden pole fences. Their lifestyle was closely related to the earth.

Mississippian Indians Art Work

A close up of a bicycle

Mississippian Indians were very good at the artwork. They produced some really interesting and unique artworks. They made human and animal figures and also made ceremonial objects from flint. Potters were efficient in molding the clay into many beautiful shapes and they also decorated them with wonderful colorful designs. This shows the creative talent of them. In short Mississippian Indians were really good at artworks.

Cultural Traits of The Mississippian Indians

Construction of large pyramid mounds, agriculture based on maize, the use and adoption of riverine shells as tempering agents in shell tempered pottery, trade networks that are widespread, a centralized form of religious or political power, etc were some of the cultural traits of the Mississippians. It goes without saying that the Mississippians were unique and their lifestyle was interesting and appreciable.

Reasons For The Disappearance of Mississippian Culture

It is not exactly sure what caused the disappearance of the culture. Historians are of the opinion that it would have been a result of an earthquake or warfare. The 18th and 19th centuries saw the Mississippians slowly disappearing and the existing people were scattered to different parts of the world. Although they disappeared, the impact they made was unique and still is research material for many.

Weapons Used By Mississippi Indians

The main weapons used by Mississippi Indians were bow and arrows. These weapons were used for hunting animals like deer and bear. The weapons were made using stone, pottery, shell, and wood. The prime objective of these weapons was to use them for hunting. The weapons were also used to protect themselves from other people who tried to invade their land. With many interesting features, they were really good people to mingle with.


Mississippian Indian culture is one of the ancient and most renowned cultures. It has many traits and specialties that make it distinct and unique. With farming as their main occupation, they were people close to the earth. Historians are of different opinions about what exactly caused their extinction. Whatever be the reason, they have left footmarks that cannot be erased from the history of mankind.

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