A Look at the Basic Beliefs of Hinduism

hindu religion

Hinduism is an ancient Indian religion and lifestyle and dharma, or divine lifestyle. It is the world’s second-most popular religion, with more than 1.2 billion members, or almost 15 percent of the global population, considered as Hindus in some countries. The religion is also widely spread among other sections of communities in South Asia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Hinduism believes in a God, a universe created by a supreme entity, a spirit, and numerous heavens and earth ruled by gods. It is considered to be a religion that preaches love and compassion for all living things.

Hindu Religion

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Hindus consider their lives to be a continuous journey of goodness and enlightenment. They value their relationships with all people and try to help all who they can. Although there are some myths related to the religious faith, most commonly found in South Asian countries, like Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal, Hinduism considers its texts as the ultimate source of knowledge and a path to enlightenment. It regards itself as the one true path to the gods.

Myths Of Hindu Religion

According to Hindu myth, the first being was the god Brahma, who created the first humans. Over time, other beings evolved like snakes, cats, and elephants. According to Hindu legend, the demigods Ganesha, Shiva, and Jain Subhadra became the father of all the existing gods and also the greatest of all. When the three decided to merge into one entity, they left the earth and became one.

Hindus believe in the concept of reincarnation. According to Hindu scripture, the souls of the dead will eventually find their way to Ganesha and become Ganesha’s sons. They will perform numerous tasks, namely, protecting theaters from death and granting them various benefits. They also rule over the material world, providing it with food, clothing, and shelter. They are believed to be the keepers of justice and truth.

According to Hindu myth, Lord Ganesha created the earth for humanity and is also the founder of the human race. The Hindus consider him the divine and eternal God. They regard the other gods as demons because they are the forces that caused the creation of this earth. They further claim that all the animals on the face of the earth were born out of an egg given by Ganesha. Therefore, animals are considered to be the descendants of Ganesha.

Important Hindu Deity

Another important Hindu deity is Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. He is considered the son of Shiva and Parvati, the goddess of beauty. According to Hindu myth, Ganesh was born while his mother, the goddess Parvati, was being murdered by the demon Lord Shiva. Parvati fled to a cave where she hid from Shiva, but Ganesh killed him anyway.

Vishnu is a Hindu god and protector, bestowing youth, learning, wealth, and prosperity. His brother Dashmool is considering the god of knowledge. Siva is the father of the Hindu trinity. He is considered the creator of the universe and the father of all the animals.

The Hindu religion offers a lot for people who want to learn about a different way of living. There is a lot for the individual to understand. There are various philosophies that are practiced in Hinduism. Each philosophy has its own explanation of how things were created, and each has a set of principles for the proper conduct of life. Many of these principles have become the basis of laws and ethics for the Hindus in practice. It is easy to study the basic beliefs and principles of the Hindu religion.

Things To Know

The Hindu baby is considered sacred and protected until he is potty trained. Once the child is able to use the toilet, then the parents have the right to send him to the unclean regions of the house where they believe bad spirits dwell. There are different methods for preventing evil spirits from entering the house. If the unclean area is not present in the home, then a rope trick or a stick is used to prod the animal so it will go to the desired place.

Marriage is considered sacred and is the basis of social structure in Hindu society. There are several marriage ceremonies performed by the temple priest and the family. Before one gets married, it is believed that he has to buy this holy institution with a sacred loan. There are many roles for women in Hindu society. They are considered to be equal to men and are treated with respect even in public places.

Bottom Line

The basic beliefs and principles of the Hindu religion can be understood by those who are interested in learning more about it. They can compare this religion with other religious groups to see if their basic beliefs are similar to the Hindus. Those who want to practice a certain ritual can enroll themselves in a temple. All of these basic beliefs of the Hindu religion can be explored during the course of your education.

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