American Indian Culture Facts To Know About

American Indian Culture

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Native Americans are also known as American Indians, and they are the type of people who used to be in the entire United States before the colonial process. There are numerous tribes located in America following the American Indian culture to date. There is a considerable difference between them and the Americans today. It is essential to understand the essence of American Indian culture and clothing, language, and customs. To know more about them, it is vital to know about cultural aspects. Many interesting stories are encompassing native Americans about how they used to settle disputes without war.

Generic Lifestyle- American Indian Culture

The generic lifestyle of the native Americans can be segmented into two different types- nomadic cultures and sedentary farmers. Sedentary farmers were called the Hopi, and they used to grow all the food needed for the survival process. There were certain tribes known as Navajo, who was nomadic and used to take care of the cow and buffalo. These tribes were in a symbiotic relationship, and they took care of the transportation and survival.

Warriors-American Indian Culture

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Among the American Indian culture, there was utmost equality because both men and women could be warriors. Women were not far behind in war, and one of the most famous ones was Tashenamani, who was a part of the famous battle of Greasy Grass in 1876. It was the same battle in which lieutenant colonel George Armstrong got killed. In these drives, the men were responsible for the hunting and survival while women did all the household chores.

Crop Harvesting

The American Indian culture was all about hunting and harvesting, and women indulging in the harvesting process. Man would only be a part of the farming while women did most of the jobs. In the southwest parts, men would help prepare the soil for plantation, and women would sow the seeds. Native American women were also responsible for cooking, making Shelters, training tools and weapons, and participating in warfare.

Sports During Those Times

There used to be Ball games for the native American tribes, and the most exciting part is that the games used to solve disputes. Instead of going directly for war, the teams used to indulge in gameplay. American stickball is one of the most vintage games in North America. They used to be great negotiators with the other Indian tribes, and most of the problems were resolved using negotiations. They believed in painting their bodies before battles because it would protect them from injuries. The lightning symbol on their forehead was a portrayal of speed and strength that they would get during times of war.


American Indian culture is one of the most exciting parts of civilization that you can ever invest your time in. Horse riding was a significant part of their sports, and they acquired them when the Spanish explorers brought them in. Learn more about the American Indian culture, and you would want to visit some of the tribes. Even in some parts of North America to date, you can find them survive in the same way as they used to in the early years.

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