Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach

Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach

In India, you will find most of the formation of land by the oceans or sea that’s also known as “bay.” Interestingly the world’s largest bay, the Bay of Bengal, is found in India. It is bordered by Sri Lanka and India and looks like a triangle. The border contains Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Andaman, and Nicobar. Since it covers four primary states, it’s a worthy place to visit. This blog helps you with the most famous beaches in the Bay of Bengal.

Bay Of Bengal Beaches

Marina Beach

It’s an urban beach originally situated in Chennai. Throughout India, the marina beach is the longest urban beach.

Bay Of Bengal Mandarmani Beach

Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach
Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach

Mandarmani beach is also known as Mandarmoni beach that’s located in Midnapore from Kolkata. It holds the longest beach drive-in, in India.

Shankarpur Beach

This beach is famous for its old-fashioned locals situated in West Bengal. You can also call it an offbeat destination with a fishing harbor. The harbor is located 16 kilometers from Digha beach.

Digha Beach

It’s the greatest widespread and well-known seashores in India that’s positioned in Midnapore, West Bengal. Here, you can try water sports in the coastal areas.

Bay Of Bengal Tajpur Beach

Nowadays, Tajpur beach successfully collects most of its popularity. The tourists call it a must-visit beach in the country. This enchanting beach, situated in east Midnapur, India.

Chandipur Beach

It’s a beautiful beach situated in Odisha or Orissa. The unique phenomenon during the low tide makes it is a surprising place to visit. In short, people call it “Hide and Seek” beach.

Candrabagha Beach

Candrabagha Beach is a holy and mythological place. It is located close to the famous Temple in Odisha, Konark Sun Temple. You should visit it and explore Candrabagha Beach.

Bay Of Bengal Puri Beach

Puri Beach, located on the Bay of Bengal shore. It is one of the favorite tourist attractions compared to other beaches in Odisha. The holy city Puri exhibits the presence of a beach in the sacred place.

Talasari Beach

It’s a picturesque coastal destination and must-to-visit beach,  situated in Baleshwar, Odisha. It is best-renowned for red crabs.

Kakinada Beach

Along the way to the Bay of Bengal, you will get to see Kakinada beach in the Godavari district. The coastal destination, situated in Andra Pradesh.

Bay Of Bengal Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda beach, originally known as rishikonda beach that’s a popular tourist attraction found in Visakhapatnam. The Bay of Bengal stretches the beach along the vast distance.

Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach
Bay Of Bengal Contains These Most Famous Beach


It offers a wide-spread ecosystem with a high concentration of birds and wildlife. Here, gahirmatha marine sanctuary, bhitarkaniaka national park, Sundarbans tiger reserve, and the national park can be seen. Sundarbans delta is known as the most significant and most prominent mangrove forest. The wildlife species found here are chital deer, pangolin, wild boar, flying box, leopards, and grey mongoose. Also, saltwater crocodiles make it the great India travel option.

Bangladesh landscape ranges from wetlands and marshy forest to rice paddies as well as rolling hills. All-in-all, there are 17 national parks, and 700 rivers to travel in India.  

In the first place, take all the essential gear with you. Also, have more fun at the beach.

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