Benefits For Economic Tourists

economic tourism in india

Tourism in India has been thriving ever since independence. The tourism industry in India is one of its biggest industries and contributes significantly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There are various factors responsible for its tremendous popularity in the country. Experts attribute this popularity of tourism to the favorable climatic conditions prevailing in the country.

An Overview

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The tourism industry in India is a major source of employment generation especially for the rural population. It is also one of the major sources of revenue generation for the country as well. In the past, there were not many tourists in the country. However, with the increasing number of influx of travelers from all over the world, the country has become much more popular among tourists from the international community.

India is an extremely popular tourism destination in the world. It attracts thousands of tourists from various corners of the world every year. The tourism in India industry supports numerous projects that help the development of the country. Besides, there are also various other benefits that tourists can enjoy while visiting this country. It also provides a perfect way to spend a vacation.

The Foundation

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India tourism is highly influenced by the natural geography and the magnificent Indian Himalayas, beautiful beaches and the awe-inspiring ancient monuments are enough to mesmerize the minds of the tourists who visit the country. It offers some of the best touristic experiences in the world. The climatic condition of the country is highly dependent on the climatic conditions prevailing in the Himalayas and the surrounding areas. There are various other tourist attractions as well in the area that provide a pleasant stay for the travelers.

The people of the country are extremely friendly. They are welcoming to tourists who come here and enjoy their hospitality. The infrastructure of the Indian economy is modern amenities are available almost everywhere. Electricity and Telephone connectivity is also very advanced in almost all cities of the country.

Most of the tourists who travel to this country opt for the package tours that are offered by most tour operators. Tour operators arrange everything – from air ticket, hotel accommodations, car rental, sightseeing to spa treatment and shopping. The services are best in four star hotels and budget hotels. These hotels arrange special services like wedding reception, party hire and party transport to make the tour more pleasurable.

Foreign Investors

The country’s favorable demographics and the increasing number of job opportunities offer the best workforce to the domestic as well as foreign investors. The professionals are highly educated and earn handsome salaries. As per the globalization trends, more companies are exploring the opportunities of expanding their business to India and invest in the domestic economy. There is a high demand for the professionals in the white collar sector too.

The economic development of this country also provides a chance to the travelers to get discounts on tickets and accommodation. For this you need to visit online websites that offer information on holiday packages. You can also ask the travel agents for booking options and discounts on the packages. For booking affordable tickets and discounts, you can visit the websites of different tour operators or you can contact your Indian friends and contacts. With the help of the tourism infrastructure and support system of the Indian government, the growth and prosperity of the economy can be enjoyed by the visitors in India.

Topmost Benefits

The government also offers a number of low cost or low labor and resourceful services to the tourists to make their visit more enjoyable and economical. Most of the infrastructure and other amenities required for an enjoyable and comfortable stay in the tourism destinations are provided free of cost or at a very low cost. Hotels, restaurants, resorts and other services of the hotels and resorts are efficiently built and modernized.

For the benefit of the travelers visiting the Indian tourism destinations, cheap tickets and cheap airfares are provided by the airlines. Tourists can also avail discounts on tickets and discounted airfares. On seeing the rising popularity of the Indian tourism, the foreign currency exchange brokers and financial institutions have also made large profits by providing lucrative deals to the travelers. The government has also taken vital steps to improve the condition of the economy by introducing a number of financial programs to boost the economy.


The benefits for economic tourists include the lower price of the goods and services and the increase in the purchasing power of the Indian rupee. Tourism is also beneficial for the local economy as well as the country as a whole. It provides employment to the local population and helps them earn livelihoods. Thus tourism is not only beneficial to the country but also to the national economy.

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