Brihadishvara Temple: All You Need To Know

Brihadishvara Temple

Brihadishvara temple, also known as Rajarajeshvaram or Peruvudaiyar Kōvil, is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva situated at South bank of Kaveri River in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the oldest South Indian temples and an example of a complete Dravidian architectural style. It was built in about the 6th century by Kumarakom Manasa, the king of Kumarakom, the state capital of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

Temple Is Built On A Sacred River Bank: Brihadishvara Temple

The temple is built on a sacred river bank and is surrounded by several small hills and water bodies. Among other things, the Shiva Lingam and the Ganesha statue are found. It has two main steps and several smaller idols like Ganesha, Maha Kali, and the Ganesha-Krishna yagna. A large statue of Shiva is situated on the main altar. The holy place is well equipped with a huge statue of Lord Shiva, two shrines, a temple court, the sacred pond, and several smaller ponds.

Ganesha statue in Brihadishvara Temple
Brihadishvara Temple: All You Need To Know

The main temple area has many tall pillars, including the Ganesha-Shiva Yagna and the three-limbed Ganesha. The sacred pond is lined with several pictures of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Also, there are several statues of goddesses of different aspects and colors.

Another area that is devoted to the Goddess of Shiva and Goddess of Brahma is the Mahalaxmi Temple. This temple is dedicated to both Shiva and Brahma. There are several statues of deities and numerous other objects.

Thiruvallam Kattam

The Thiruvallam Kattam is another temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located on the north side of the temple. It is one of the biggest Thiruvallam temples in Sri Lanka and also one of its largest.

The temple is surrounded by water and has a beautiful fountain that flows over the entrance. A lotus pond sits opposite the statue of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna’s father, Vayu.

The temple is known for its large wooden idol of Lord Brahma mounted on the central altar. There are several smaller idols of other gods, such as Ganesha, Chandrayansagar, Lord Krishna, and Narayana. There are also other sculptures like horses, elephants, bulls, lions, snakes, and fish.

Stature Of Lord Krishna: Brihadishvara Temple

The main temple is surrounded by water, and the south wall is made of stone, while the south wall of the north temple is of stone, and the western wall is of granite. The southern temple is more popular than the north temple because it is the older and more attractive. Its central part is also the largest and has a lotus pond and statue of Lord Krishna.

Sri Lanka has many religious places that are dedicated to Lord Brahma. These include the temples and shrines dedicated to the Lord Brahma in Sri Lanka and various places in India. The Vishnu Temple is a Hindu temple and was established by Lord Brahma during the fifth century B.C. The main temple in Sri Lanka is in Colombo, which is in the southeast of the country.

The temple is known for the statue of Lord Brahma and the inside and the outside of the temple. There are several other statues and other offerings that have been placed around the place.

Tourists Visiting The Place

dieties in Mahalaxmi Temple
Brihadishvara Temple: All You Need To Know

This temple is believed to be the most sacred in Sri Lanka but has many tourists visiting it every year. Because the place is a major tourist attraction, you can see many people from India, Nepal, and even neighboring countries in Sri Lanka. Tourists often come to Sri Lanka from other countries to see this temple and take a dip in the pond of the temple. If you want a great time on the beach. There is the beach that lies outside the temple, but there are times when you will need to make a trip into the temple to do some meditation.

If you plan a holiday in Sri Lanka, then visiting the Brihadishvara temple is one of the places you must visit. There are many good hotels around the temple and other places of interest. And you can find a nice room to stay in many of them. The hotel rooms are quite affordable, and there are several things you can do and places to see while staying in any of the rooms.

Final Words

If you are staying near the temple, you can enjoy a great time on the beach enjoying the beach and relaxing on the beach. You can also get to know some local people in the nearby area who may have information about the history of the temple or other Sri Lankan activities.

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