Canada Border Reopening – The Border Issues To Notice

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Coronavirus has severely impacted the tourism industry and people were easily stuck between two countries, not being able to survive in the country they traveled to and not being able to visit their home countries. With so much time passing with the Quarantine situation, people are expecting to take some trips to reduce this frustration, and again, due to the very reason of the presence of airborne disease, the countries are not opening borders for other country people to enter. In this article, we are going to discuss the recent changes made in the Canada border reopening and other issues to discuss.

Health And Safety

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The Canadian government has always been welcoming towards immigrants but as the situation demands, the government is prioritizing the health and safety of everyone currently residing in Canada and the approach they have taken is not only risk-based but also measured when it comes to reopening the borders. Canadians have cooperated with the government in improving the vaccination rates and eventually decline in the number of coronavirus cases. It is now possible for the government to open borders for other countries and adjust some measures.

The Recent Update

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As per the recent update, the domestic epidemiology situation seems to be favorable and the government is planning to open borders for anyone who is fully vaccinated and has completed the course of vaccination. The government accepted the vaccine and the vaccination has to be completed at least 14 days prior to entering the country. In addition to all of this, they should meet the specific entry requirements as well.

While this is a recent update as in September, the first step was taken in August beginning to allow entry to American citizens and other permanent residents currently residing in the United States. The full vaccination expectation has been applicable since the beginning and this is a preliminary step by the government of Canada to normalize the operations and adjust the border measures. The opening of entry for the citizens of the United States recognizes the close ties between Canada and America.


There are a few exceptions in this case as all travelers must use the ArriveCAN application or web portal to divulge their travel information. If they have the eligibility to enter the country and fulfill all the criteria including the vaccination, Then there would not be any query and time once they arrive in Canada. There is also a particular division allocated to expand the scope of notice to Airmen and it is termed as Transport Canada. It currently is redirecting scheduled International commercial passenger flights in two major Canadian airports present in Calgary, Montreal Trudeau, Toronto Pearson and Vancouver.

While that was the initial notice, five other Canadian airports were given permission for the international flights to land.


There are also a lot of changes and flexibility given to the testing strategy post-arrival especially if the traveler is fully vaccinated. The government has imposed new border testing surveillance programs and would need a test post-arrival.

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