Carry Your Passport And Cards In A Smart And Safe Way Using This Amazing Wallet! RFID Protected!

In today’s modern era, the amount of data is increasing and so is its importance. Thus, the privacy of data is also important and it should be protected and preserved. With the increasing volumes of data, the possibility of fraud and error also increases. Every organization works on data that is the prime source of every task performed by it. If this data gets leaked, it will be a big problem for everyone as the privacy of so many people associated with the organization will be at stake.

An individual also carries so much data with himself. It can be stored in various cards like debit cards, credit cards, passport, etc. This information, if available in the wrong hands can create a lot of problems.

Thus, proper ways should be implemented to protect the personal data of people.

In this article, it is discussed about a multi-function anti-RFID passport and wallet that is useful in many ways and also protects the data from getting tapped, as it does not use RFID technology.

Multi-Function Anti-RFID Passport And Wallet

RFID technology or Radio Frequency Identification technology is the one that protects the data on the credit cards or other cards from being read by various unknown card readers. But this technology might misuse the data and can transmit data with the help of frequency waves thus tapping the personal data of people.

This multi-function anti-RFID passport and wallet secures the data and you can keep your passport and cards all in one place without the fear of misplacing them. Data in the cards and passport is sensitive, thus this wallet is tightly zipped for proper safety and it chip-free thus prevents anonymous sources from gaining unauthorized access to your data.

Unlike other wallets that are small or meant for a single purpose, it is rectangular in shape, spacious and travel-friendly and you can keep cash, cards, passport, etc; to ensure care-free travel. 

Thus, this wallet saves your time in finding different wallets for different things. Get your Multi-Function Anti-RFID Passport And Wallet today.


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Item Width: 13cm
  • Model Number: H190
  • Item Length: 25cm
  • Item Type: Card & ID Holders
  • Item Weight: 0.25kg
  • Material Composition: Polyester
A bag of luggage


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is spacious to carry all your identity documents, cash, and cards in one place.
  • It is a unisex wallet, thus anyone can use it.
  • It secured your data from hackers due to the non-use of RFID technology.
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  • If stolen, all the essentials might be lost at once.
  • Despite being waterproof, if you’ve left the zip open, the things inside will be destroyed on a rainy day.


Counterfeiting has always been a concern for organizations and people but data privacy is essential for people due to the fundamental right to privacy. With this wallet, the data privacy of the people is ensured by providing all the features in one wallet. Thus, it is economical for people.

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