Challenges Most Asian American Immigrants Face Everyday In Their Life

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Asian American Indian couples are very familiar with the traditions and history of their heritage. The history of the Asian American Indian culture spans many centuries of influence from India, China and even to the United States. There are many stories of how the Asian American culture has influenced and brought up the healthiest and happiest culture that America has ever seen. Some people may argue that a part of it is because of the original settlers who made up the original population in Asia. But still, there have been many changes and the healthiness of Asian American culture has been affected greatly by those changes.

Asian American Culture – Mental Health 

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Research on the mental health of Asian American Indians has shown some positive results. However, one has to remember that even with the positive results, the westernized version of Asian American culture still does not accept Indians as full citizens. For this reason, Asian American culture is still considered by some to be backwards. It may also be because of the westernization of America as well. There are many who feel that the mental health of Asian American Indians has deteriorated over time, as America has become more “westernized”.

This is an incorrect perception. The decline in Asian American Indian culture can be attributed to various factors. Some blame the increasing rate of disease in America on the increased rate of immigration of Asian American Indians. This is true. The disease is spread through diseases known to be imported from other countries. However, the decline of the local economy and the increasing rate of unemployment have been blamed on these two factors as well.

Cause Of Asian American Culture Decline 

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Another cause of the decline of Asian American culture is the changing mentality of the second-generation Asian Indians in America. These second-generation Asian Americans are less acclimated to the traditions and cultures of their home countries. They tend to have a different set of beliefs and behaviors than the parents who raised them. As a result, many feel a lack of motivation in being able to maintain the traditions of their home country that were once important to them.

On top of all the cultural differences, the social aspects of Asian American culture are becoming a cause for concern. On one hand, the desire of some Asian American to preserve their cultural identity and the distinctiveness of their customs has resulted in some tension between Asian Americans and their new counterparts in America. Many Americans have expressed concern for the growing number of Asian Americans in the United States. The increasing numbers of Asian American in the United States have led to some forms of racism against Asian Americans. These attitudes are a cause for concern as the society continues to develop.

Challenges Faced By Asian Americans

Another challenge that is being faced by Asian Americans in America is with regard to educational asian language proficiency. In many regions in India, English is not the first language of the people. As a result, many Asian Americans have not been exposed to the American cultural language. The result of this is that many Asian Americans have not been able to adjust to the different language and culture of the United States. The rising cost of education and the difficulty of hiring professionals with English as a background has also been a cause for concern in the American society.

It is important that Asian Indians come to the United States and build a positive community. The first step in doing so is to avoid any practices that could result in a reduction in cultural acculturation. The most common example of this is the high fat diet. A low fat diet would be beneficial for all Asian Indians coming to America because in the process of learning the language and culture they will be able to maintain their traditions.

Summing Up

In order to be successful Asian Americans must be aware of their American counterparts’ collectivistic values. These include the value of hard work, self-respect and independence. All these are positive aspects of the American way of life. In order for Asian Americans to overcome the cultural differences and maintain positive cultural values it is necessary for them to choose an accredited school that teaches the curriculum they want. Most of these schools offer scholarships and bursaries for those who wish to pursue higher studies in the field of higher education. The increasing awareness and demand for programs that focus on ethnic or cultural diversity will continue to facilitate the upward mobility of Asian American’s moving up in the corporate ladder.

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