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You have come to the perfect place! I have searched the internet to get you the absolute best free Indian Culture Pictures. With so much time on my hands, I have gone ahead to check out some really cool gadgets or cool brooks that are worth the value of my time. If you would like to use these images for any kind of purpose, I will let you do so without any hassles.

I will start first with the most ancient of all Indian Cultures. The art of paintings is practiced by the people of India. They portray their culture in pictorial format, which is the oldest form of printing and is very much familiar to us. These culture pictures can be painted on the wall and used for decorating your home or office.

An Overview

Culture Pictures

The next type of Indian culture picture that you must have seen is the sculptures and carvings. Carving has been a part of Indian culture from the very beginning. It started as decorative tool for royalty. Later on, carvings and sculptures were used for different purposes. Nowadays, people use sculptures and carvings to enhance the beauty of their homes.

No discussion on Indian culture would be complete without including the costumes and footwear of the people. Indian shoes and garments are among the finest in the world and each culture in India has a variety of designs for the men, women, children and elders. All these pictures and handicrafts have played an important role in the evolution of art in India. The handicrafts of the Indian culture also include brass ware, ceramics, leather ware, paper mache, woven mats, potteries and various other useful and beautiful pieces of art.

Cultural Picture Facts

Culture Pictures

The next category of pictures that will interest you are the religious paintings and sculptures. People of many religions from all over the world have portrayed their devotion and love for their religion in the form of pictures and images. There are pictures of various Gods and Goddesses from all over the universe that can be used as wall hangings and in the home as wall hangings as well.

Another category of pictures that depict the different aspects of Indian culture are the costumes of the people. India is known for its textile industry and the people have used this talent and expertise in creating magnificent dresses for different occasions and festivities. The men’s dresses are of great quality and are made up of the finest material. The women’s dresses are also of great quality and have intricate embellishments. The carpets and rugs of India also have a huge influence on the modern day Indian culture and are highly appreciated.

An interesting category of pictures are the festivals in India. Every country has different kinds of festivals, but the people of India celebrate them in a grand manner. They celebrate such festivals as the Durga Puja of Bengal, the Diwali festival of New Delhi, Holi of Kerala and Bhai Dooj of Rajasthan. Apart from these there are different pictures of different other festivals such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These pictures are a source of great happiness as they depict the true spirit of the people of India.

Bottom Line

There are also many art and crafts pictures which depict the culture of India in a very colorful manner. The handloom embroidery and the carpentry work done by the people of India are highly appreciated by the tourists who visit the country. Also the paper embroidery and the paper sewing done by the people of India are highly appreciated. All in all there are so many pictures that depict the culture of India and are a source of great happiness to the people of the country as they have come as souvenirs of their visit to India.

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