Delhi Will Have a Decrease in Vigorous Cases No Lockdown Plan

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The Delhi lockdown is no longer as relevant as it was a few hours ago due to the decrease in vigorous cases. In approximately 8 hours, the number of vigorous cases appearing in Delhi is expected to become negligible. As such, there will be no lockdown tomorrow barring any new developments. For now, security forces are on high alert and all citizens are advised to stay inside until the lockdown is lifted. But What to do during the no Delhi lockdown? Some are listed below:

Remain Indoors

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Given that the risk of attack is low, you are better off staying inside an enclosure that can protect you from infection. Remain in your house if there’s on lockdown. If there is a lockdown, remain in a sturdy shelter until it goes back to its normal state.

Keep Hydrated and Fed, But Do Not Eat Uncooked Food

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Although they are not life-threatening in themselves, you still need to keep hydrated and fed, given that they can help your body’s natural recuperation process when you eventually do get the chance to sleep. But make sure to eat your food cooked and avoid uncooked food to prevent any possible infection.

Do Not Drink From Open Sources, Such as Rivers and Lakes

Avoid drinking from open sources given that they may have been exposed to possible contaminants from the infected. So far, drinking from open sources has not been confirmed to spread the infection. But for safety reasons, it is best to play safe and stick with bottled water for now.

Do Not Go Outdoors if Possible, Especially in Crowded Areas Given That They’re More Susceptible to Attack

Avoid going outdoors if possible given that you will be putting yourself at risk. They are more likely to be attacked. If you must go, avoid crowded areas and remain aware of your surroundings.

Avoid Going Near Affected Individuals if Possible

Avoid coming into close contact with others. Given that they may be infected without knowing it themselves, try not to draw suspicion, and avoid going near areas where infection may be present, especially crowded ones. Also, monitor the news for any reports on activity and avoid going around if possible.

If You Feel Sick, Seek Help Immediately (Contact Emergency Services)

If sickness does come about from an infection, you will need help. Contact emergency services should worsen or come about suddenly for maximum effectiveness in case of a Delhi lockdown. Be sure to explain your symptoms clearly.

If You Are in a High-Risk Area, Stay Calm and Remain Vigilant (Stay Away From Possible Materials of Infection)

If you are in an area where the risk of infection is high, exercise caution given that there may be traces of infected materials lying around (clothes, tools, etc.) It is best to stay away from these items if possible, but should you come across any, do not touch them and monitor your surroundings for further threats.

Following these guidelines will help you stay safe and healthy when a no Delhi lockdown occurs. Although there is currently no lockdown, it’s best to be prepared in case of an attack or accident. You can’t predict what may happen next in these trying times, so follow these guidelines to ensure yourself additional protection.

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