Different Cultural Aspects Involved In The Western And Indian Culture

Indian Culture Marriage

A wedding is a sacred ritual in India and therefore, the wedding ceremony involves lots of rituals. Some of them include eating the meat on the first day of marriage; preparing the meal on the second day of marriage and ending the marriage with the exchange of sweets and flowers on the last day of the marriage. These rituals are done to mark out the beginning of the marriage and to make sure that both the families do not forget the wedding rituals. The marriage ceremonies are conducted in a big hall called a ‘Mughal Bagh’ which is usually adorned with flowers and is filled with guests. At the time of the wedding the groom and bride kiss and the wedding bell is rung.

In Indian tradition, in case of any man or woman planning to get married he has to pass a test called a ‘jauhar’ or a ‘paryud’ which is considered a rite of passage for all the young boys and girls. In case of a boy who passes his jauhar, then he becomes eligible for marriage. The ceremony of marriage can also be arranged by the parents of the boy or girl.

 Difference between Western and Indian Culture

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Another difference between the Western and Indian culture lies in the fact that in India, all the marriages are arranged and there is no need for the girl to give her first kiss to her groom. A girl in India doesn’t need to go through the rites of matrimony to get married.

The bride’s family has a lot of power in this marriage and so the groom himself is not always aware of everything that is going on. This has been done to ensure the safety of the bride as well as the groom’s family. The groom has to take the responsibility of looking after the family of the bride. This responsibility is given to him by the bride’s father.

It is also common for the groom to be treated differently than the bride at the wedding. In the case of the groom, he is not allowed to speak to the girl. On the contrary, the girl is also not allowed to talk to the groom unless he speaks first.

It is important to understand the fact that the Indian culture is quite different from the Western culture. In case of a girl who gets married, she has to get married in front of a priest. In the case of a boy, it is not the case. The boy has to give the bride a flower or a ring and the wedding is finished. The groom’s father then takes over and makes sure that the marriage is carried out correctly.

The Indian culture, as we have seen, is very different from the Western culture when it comes to the ceremonies related to marriage. Thus, in India the whole procedure of marriage is not like a traditional ceremony.


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There are various aspects that have to be considered before the marriage can be finalized. These issues include the religious, cultural and social aspects of the marriage. For example, the girl needs to have a spiritual connection with her groom before she can be married. Similarly, her parents need to be happy with their decision.

If the girl is not able to give her true love for the groom then she will never be able to make him happy and therefore will never be happy in life. There have been several cases of girls in India, where the groom has made a promise to marry the girl only to find that she has forgotten about him. This is because of a spiritual attachment between them.


It is also important to understand the cultural differences in the Indian culture in order to understand the role played by the bride in a wedding. In some areas, the bride is not allowed to speak before the bridegroom. Even though the bride is not allowed to speak, the groom is expected to talk to her.

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