Different Sexual Orientation In Indian Culture

Sexuality Indian Culture

The sexual orientation of the Indian population is diverse and has been varying in different studies. In general it appears that most Indians do not identify themselves as homosexual, but most do identify themselves as bisexual.

Indian culture has a lot to say about sexuality. The Indian culture gives more importance to the family unit than in the western world. So even if the family structure is very weak, it still holds a strong influence over the family life. The father is responsible for the upbringing of the child and the father’s role is to make sure that his child grows up to be a good man. It is his duty to be a good father.

There are different sexual orientations, such as lesbian, gay and heterosexual, and there are different levels of sexual activity. Some cultures have a much more liberal attitude to sexual life than the western countries.

Sex Education In Schools

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There are cultural differences in the use of condoms, there are religious and traditional beliefs regarding love making. It is said that a man should have two girls, one for each sex, so that there will be an heir. But in many families this is not the case.

Sex education in schools is limited to teaching about reproduction and the basic rules of hygiene, but not the sexual side of things. Many people believe that the sexual education in schools is being promoted by the church and there are some priests who support this agenda.

The sex education in schools in India is mainly concerned with teaching children how to use contraceptives. The children are told that they should not have unprotected sex and if they do, they should use condoms or abstain from sexual activity for life.

Different Views On Sex

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People in Indian society have different views about sex. Some feel that sex is a natural part of life and it does not matter what the person is or what is the sexual orientation, but there are some people who do think that sex is a sin and should be treated seriously. It is said that a person can live a happy life if he does not engage in sexual activities. In some families, the children are taught that sex is a waste of time and is not something to be treated seriously.

As we can see, there are many different views about sex in Indian culture. If a person wants to know more about his/her own sexuality then it would be wise to take a look at the above mentioned information.

If you have a different opinion about sex then you may want to consider consulting your doctor about your sexual orientation. You will also want to take a look at the Indian culture so that you can understand better your own life.

Learn More About It

Many people have a homosexual sexual orientation. Some of these people are open and are willing to accept others of the same sexual orientation. Many of them prefer to live in lesbian relationships rather than live a heterosexual life.

The sexual orientation of women in India differs from the western culture. Some women in India are lesbian, while others are married.

Bottom Line

Some men have a bisexual sexual orientation. This means that they like both sexes, though they don’t necessarily enjoy sex with both sexes. Some gay men are not interested in sexual intercourse with other men. Some men are bisexual, while some men have a homosexual orientation and prefer to be with a woman.

There are also some people who have a straight sexual orientation. They like to have sex with one gender, like a man, woman or child, but they also prefer not to have sex with animals.

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