Four Safety Precautions for Passengers

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If you are thinking of taking a holiday in India, you need to travel to India from the USA. Of course, everyone has to apply for a visa for India trips from the USA also. When you plan to travel to India, you will be asked to arrive in person at the immigration checkpoint before you can proceed further.

However, there is no visa required if you are traveling on a one-to-three months visitor visa otherwise you have to show the valid passport of the visitor and pay the applicable charges. The processing time takes much time because the authorities check so many people every day.

Getting Proper Guidance

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On coming across any problem during your India flights from the USA, you can call the nearest American consulate and get proper guidance. They will advise you about the right things to do regarding the quarantine requirements of passengers coming from the USA to India. The most important quarantine requirements are related to food and water.

In spite of all these, most travelers find that they have to face a few problems in their travels to India from the USA and do not have a clear idea about them. Most travelers do not like the idea of having to stay in any particular hotel for the period necessary for quarantining due to the fact that they are used to the services offered at the hotels they were traveling to. For instance, many of them don’t like the idea of staying at a Bollywood hotel where the dining options are buffet or non buffet. They like to eat at regular restaurants that offer Indian cuisines to them. So, the question is what can be done about the non-availability of rt-pcr test in the US to identify the infectious diseases in Indian passengers?

Avoiding The Risk Of Getting Infected

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The problem faced by many asymptomatic passengers is the same as the one faced by the travelers who are facing a negative rt-pcr test result. There is no specific entry criteria for the passengers to enter the country. So, even if there is an entry criteria, it does not apply to all passengers.

So, the only way of avoiding the risk of getting affected by an infectious disease in an individual travelling to India from the USA is to make sure that he has a negative smear test in the USA and also take the precautions needed while traveling to India from the USA. Further, the person should make sure that he has collected all the necessary travel documentation since the time of his travel to India.

Discount On Airfares

Many airlines also give the option for passengers including children to declare the source of origin of the travel, which includes the country of origin, air carrier and date of travel. This option is available on different airlines including US Airways and United Airlines. However, this information is not shared with the security personnel at the departure and arrival airport. Information like this is important as it helps the airline management in assessing the risk involved while giving discounts on airfares.

Some other countries have similar requirements when people from outside the USA travel to India. Some countries have similar requirements including those for USA passengers when they travel to India.

Some airlines such as Jetlite and Jetblue offer the special option for travellers to declare the country of origin. This is important especially when travelling from a foreign country to India for the first time. It can help in reducing the risk of getting infected with a contagious disease during the transit period.

Another Risk Type

The third type of risk involved when travelling to India from the USA is the lack of evidentiary requirements at the point of check-in as well as at the point of departure from the international airport. No evidentiary requirements exist for the passengers to declare the country of origin either at the point of check-in or when they reach the airport. There is no requirement of thermal screening at the international airport also.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has stated that it has not received any information or evidence that US citizens have been affected by persons with infectious diseases travelling to India from the USA. But the airlines have advised all passengers travelling to India from the USA to take precautions like using a thermometer, do not overheat and to seek advice from the travel desk or cabin crew about any symptoms they may feel after coming into contact with one another.


The fourth risk factor involved in a journey from the USA to India is the lack of adequate information provided by the airlines regarding their quarantined areas of travel. Airlines from the USA have not provided information about the four different quarantined areas in India.

Final Verdict

Information on the four different quarantined areas is mandatory to all passengers who are bound to travel from the USA to India. This information helps in reducing the chances of an outbreak of any disease when passengers from the USA travel to India from their destination.

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