Get An Idea About The Renowned Indian Religion Facts

indian religion facts

India is an incredible country, diverse not only in its culture but also in many ways. One of the oldest cultures in the world, this country has its own uniqueness. People from across the world love and are impressed by their cultural heritage. A land of faith and spirituality, knowing some Indian religion facts can be interesting for everybody.

India – The Land Of Religions And Ethnicities

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For many foreigners, India is a land of faith and spirituality. With nearly one-sixth of the total population of the world, this country has many religions and ethnicities. Even if the majority of people in India belong to Hinduism, other religions are also there in the country like Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Muslims, and Christians.

Influence Of Religion On Indian Culture And Politics

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You can see the influence of religion in economic, cultural, and political spheres in India. A sense of pride is always there with the affluent religious history of the country. Compared to western countries, religion is more visible publicly in India. Religious places are considered holy and sacred in this country. The influence of religion can also see in its beautiful temple architecture and other places of worship. And you can see a Hindu temple, Christian Church, and a Muslim mosque, all next to each other.

Let us know the popular facts related to Indian religions.

Know Some Of The Indian Religion Facts

• India is the largest world when it comes to multi-ethnicity and pluralistic democracy. The constitution of the country provides the right to practice and propagate any religion to its citizens.

• A few religions originated in India. At the same time, religions originated in other countries also flourished in this country.

• Buddhism and Jainism originated in India and had a great influence on the art and philosophy in the country. But they became minority religions by the end of the twentieth century.

• India is home to the vast majority of Hindus in the world. Interestingly, the second-largest group of Muslims also lives in this country. Even if the Muslim majority is only 18% in India, they are the second-largest in the world behind Indonesia.

• India has legal rules for the protection of minorities and religious groups, but people in the country usually experience government restrictions on a high level when it comes to religion. The government made restrictions on religious conversions in more than six states.

• Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains are considered legally as Hindus in India. But, they cannot access education or employment preferences or social services available to other minority religious groups in the country.

• Dalit women in India are often victims of sexual violence because of their caste status. Muslim girls and women have also said to be targeted because of their religion.


Many religions are there in India, and each of them has great influence on society and the life of the people in the country. A land of spirituality, religions are evolved and flourished here. People from across the globe are very much impressed with Indian religion facts that are truly fascinating. They admire the philosophies and teachings of Indian religions.

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