How The Beatles Planned Their India Trip

beatles india trip

Beatles was one of the rock bands that does not need any introduction. In 1968, the band surprised everyone by going to the northern part of India & Rishikesh & attending a transcendental meditation course. The beatles india trip got a lot of media coverage.

It was for the group’s drugs’ denunciation & received a lot of attention from the media. It was the commitment of George Harrison as he has the most input in the Maharishi’s teachings. This led to a lot of change in the attitude of Western countries about Indian spirituality.

Why was the seminar cut Short

The Beatles attended the Transcendental Meditation (TM) seminar of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Bangor in Wales. Their stay was cut short on 27

The beatles india trip made plans to travel to the Maharishi’s training center in Rishikesh, India, in late October as they were eager to explore meditation further. The trip was postponed until the new year to work on their Magical Mystery Tour film project at Paul McCartney’s urging.

It’s because he was concerned that, with Epstein’s loss, the band should first focus on their career. George Harrison & John Lennon, the two most committed to the Maharishi’s teachings, appeared twice on David Frost’s television program in autumn 1967 to espouse TM’s benefits.

Who Was Most Committed To Transcendental Meditation

Brown, in his memoir, The Love You Make, mentions that he only learned of the beatles india trip intention to leave for India that same month, even though he & the band were loyal to launching their multimedia company – Apple Corps. The mastery of Transcendental Meditation, they hoped, would give them the wisdom to run Apple.

How Did The Beatles India Trip Happen

The Beatles & their entourage traveled to Rishikesh in two groups. Lennon & his wife Cynthia, Harrison & his wife Pattie Boyd, & the latter’s sister Jenn arrived in Delhi – 15

They walked across the Lakshman Jhula footbridge, over the River Ganges, & up the hill to the Maharishi’s ashram. McCartney & his girlfriend Jane Asher & Ringo Starr & his wife Maureen landed in Delhi on 19th February.

Since the press expected McCartney & Starr’s party after the first group’s arrival, they got constant attention. As Starr arrived, he asked Evans to take him to a doctor because of a reaction to an injection.

As a result, Starr, McCartney, & their partners stayed overnight in Delhi & traveled to Rishikesh with Evans early on 20

Bottom Line

The beatles india trip got a lot of attention from the media & it has some positive effects on Indian spirituality. You can find many details about the beatles india trip & understand how they got help through transcendental meditation. It is said that songwriting was the most productive during the time of the visit to the Beatles.

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