How To Download Pokemon Go For Free And More!

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go will beat all game records. Recently, Nintendo has just announced the release of Pokemon GO, a Nintendo mobile game. I expect it to be an instant success with fans of the Pokemon franchise.

This game is similar to other Pokemon games that have been released in the past. Pokemon GO includes the traditional Pokemon and new characters that were only introduced in the new version of the game.

How To Download Pokemon Go For Free And More!
How To Download Pokemon Go For Free And More!

Traditional Versions Of Pokemon Go!

If you are not familiar with the traditional versions of the games, the game is about collecting eggs and battling with other players for the honor of getting to use the new legendary game. The new character that had an introduction in the game is “Gastly”. It’s a Ghost-type monster that was featured in the movie “Grave” of the Fireflies”.

When I first played the game, I did not know what to expect. Although I had heard a lot about it, I never really expected to get so involved with it.

I was a little skeptical at first. This is because I understood the graphics were not up to par with the original Pokemon games’ versions. The graphics are beautiful and you will be happy you have make-up on your mind to download this game.

The Game Is A Little Different!

How To Download Pokemon Go For Free And More!
How To Download Pokemon Go For Free And More!

The style of the game is like most other Pokemon games, but the gameplay is entirely different. I have been very impressed with the storyline that was woven into the main storyline of the game.

Also, I found it exciting to explore the world and look for new items to capture, and to use these items to level up my character to become the ultimate player. Moreover, I liked the fact that I could travel around the map and check out the many places that I had not visited before.

I can already tell that the game will make a huge strike when it finally makes success to the AppStore. I highly recommend that everyone try this game out as it is free and a lot of fun.

Game Surrounds Super Fun!

another version of pokemon is super fun
Super Fun Game!

If you think the game is a lot of fun and you must definitely download it. The creators of the game even added features like competitions where you can challenge other players to see who is the best player and who has the most badges.

I have been playing the game and I feel that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of the game. In addition to this, I hope that as time goes on, I will find more things to do in the game and that I will capture more of it.

It’s A Sureshot Success Considering Pokemon Go!

I think Pokemon GO will be a massive hit and will soon replace the traditional games like Pokemon Black and White. I am personally looking forward to it, and I think the people who were not willing to try it out are missing out on one of the biggest gaming events of the year.

So I urge you to give the Pokemon GO a try. You might just surprise yourself and enjoy this lovable game!

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