How To Make My Trip To India Affordable

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There are cheap flights to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and even to the historic city of Khajuraho. One can choose a suitable package for themselves according to their interests and budgets.

If you want to enjoy the Rajasthan desert safari and have a camel safari, Travelocity India has excellent packages for these too. You can book tickets for a hot air balloon ride to see the stunning beauty of the desert, or for a tour of desert landscapes and villages. One can opt for hot air balloons to explore the desert from the air. If you are a nature lover and love to go trekking in the wilderness, then one can get a ticket for this too. These tickets can be booked in advance and you can get a good deal also.


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If your idea of a perfect holiday is to experience the backwaters of Kerala, then Travelocity India has some excellent backwater packages for you. The backwater cruise on Kovalam Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala. This is a nine-night cruise on one of the most beautiful lakes. One can have the time of their lives wandering around and seeing the beautiful natural surroundings.

All the tickets to India can be bought online at the comfort of your home. One can purchase tickets for all the destinations one wants to visit in India. There are many travel websites that offer excellent discounts on tickets to famous destinations. Many of them also offer great deals on cruises and hotel packages too.

Great Discounts

The online companies that sell tickets for India come up with attractive schemes to attract customers. The customers can get great discounts on the regular tickets or on single tickets too. The online companies also sell holiday packages that include tours to famous tourist places like Varanasi, Delhi, Agra and Khajuraho. The packages include accommodation, meals, sightseeing and transport too.

The travel operators in India also offer low cost tours. They advertise travel deals on their websites and provide information on booking facilities too. One can also find cheap flight tickets from any reputed airline company to India. All these options make it easy for tourists to plan their holidays efficiently.

Reputed Travel Companies

You can also purchase tickets for your air journey from any of the reputed travel companies. The companies usually provide online booking facilities as well. This makes it possible for tourists to book tickets in advance and get cheap air travel to India.

The other option available for tourists is to go through travel agents. These travel agents in India not only help you find accommodation and flight tickets but they also arrange for a local tour guide to get you around India. The guide is specially trained to help tourists discover different places. You can even take a tour of the historic cities of India. However, to get a good price for the tickets purchased through a travel operator, it is important to check the authenticity of the company. Check whether the company has a license to operate in India or not.

Special Tours Packages

Another way to make your India trip more affordable is to look out for special tours packages. There are various tour operators who offer special tours like heritage tours, adventure tours, cultural tours, etc. 

For instance, if you want to make your trip all about the Taj Mahal, you can contact one of the companies that offer customized India tour packages. You can ask for an all-inclusive package, which covers everything, from flight to ground transport. Moreover, you can save a lot of money if you do not have to spend on other tourism products during your trip.


Finally, you can make your dream India tour a reality by booking tickets for flight, accommodation, train tickets and other tourism products from one of the well-known online travel websites. The website will even cover all the costs involved. In this case, you will not only be able to make your dream trip into a reality, but also save a lot of money. So, if you are planning to visit India any time soon, just make sure that you have a good travel agent or the website of an Indian travel operator. Also, plan your budget, so that you do not overspend. If you follow these tips, you will never have to think about making your travel expenses go beyond your limits.

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