India Religion Percentage And How It Influences Other Factors

india religion percentage

India is famous for its rich culture and heritage. There are more factors based on India’s population. It has grown triple times in only six decades. You will find that India has a population of about 1 million inhabitants every month. It is crossing the limit of the most populous country, China, by 2030. It is the analysis of the United Nations Population Division. 

Religious Groups And Increasing Population 

India Religion

In this chain of increasing population, the religious groups in India also grew. You can see the statistics from 1951 to 2011. There is a rise in the number. You will find that the Hindus in India grow from 304 million to 966 million. Muslims increased from 35 million to 172 million. There are the Christian groups that increase their number from 8 million to 28 million. Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs also increased in their number at this period. 

India Population Distribution And Its Reason

India Religion

Hindus are 79.8% of India’s total population, and Muslims are 14.2%. The 6% share accounts for Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists population. 

The share of Muslims grew by 4% in India between the years 1951 and 2011. You find the share of other religions steady at this time and a decrease of Hindus by 4%. The population of Muslims is increasing because they tend to prefer more children. 

Migration Effect

Migration did not have any effect on religious composition. According to 2019 estimation, 17.5 million Indians reside elsewhere, and 5.2 million foreigners reside in India. It is not a large number to create an impact on religious composition. Unauthorized immigration is also a recent controversial topic, and it is quite challenging to measure it accurately. 

Rare Religious Conversions 

According to the recent survey from 30,000 Indians, there are very few that switched religion since childhood. 99% of Hindus are raised as Hindus. 97% of Muslims and 94% of Christians are raised in their religions as adults. Some people tried to switch religions but, in the end, canceled out. 

Majority Of The Hindu Population In India

There is 94% of the Hindu population that resides in India. According to the analysis and research, most of the world’s Muslim population also resides in India. Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims, which is 209 million. Pakistan has the same population size of Muslims as India. You will find Bangladesh in Fourth place, which has 134 million Muslim populations. 

Majority Of Hindus

There are majorly Hindus residing in 28 of India’s 35 states. The most populous is Uttar Pradesh, with a 200 million Hindu population. There are 112 million Hindus in Maharashtra and 104 million in Bihar. Muslims reside in Lakshadweep and Jammu, and Kashmir. 


Several factors are deciding the Indian religion percentage. You can go through several research factors to truly decide the significant factor of India’s religion percentage and the reasons behind it. There is a long story behind every acknowledged factor. 

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