India Tourism Growth – How to Improve India Tourism

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The India tourism development has definitely picked up pace in the past few years. The exponential growth in the tourism sector is beyond doubt. In fact, even after the two-year tourism slump, the sector is still growing at a rapid rate. And why not, when there is an unprecedented charm, warmth and enthusiasm in the air in every tourist spot across the country. Tourism has emerged as one of the main engines of economic growth in India. The infrastructural development, better connectivity and liberalization have also played their part.

An Overview

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However, the overall India tourism inflow is yet to touch the skies. The India tourism inbound scenario has already been written, encrypted, decoded and re-written many times over the decades. But here and now the target seems fairly attainable since the policy makers appear to be in close touch with real-time facts and trying some proactive reforms to attain the projected figures of twenty million tourists by 2021. At the same time, the government is also taking firm steps to make the infrastructural development work.

Let us now glance at some of the major achievements of the Indian tourism policy. The first decade after independence was marked by growth in all sector of the economy. However, the infrastructure development and urbanization took the lead in the past decade. Today, Mumbai and other metropolis are emerging as one of the most attractive centers for tourism. Also, in the last two or three years the Delhi-NCR railway connectivity has significantly improved. Moreover, in spite of all such developments, the overall infrastructure development in the backward rural areas of India is lagging behind.

Know The Reasons 

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There are several reasons behind this lag in infrastructure development in the remote and less visited parts of India. For starters, the backward villages lack basic necessities like proper drainage system, clean water supply, electricity, etc. But that does not imply that development in these areas will not take place over a period of time. A decade from now, if proper efforts are made, these areas will have all amenities that will attract tourists from all over the world.

On the contrary, the major problem is lack of investment in education sector. Lack of basic infrastructure and lack of interest for learning among the local people have played a major role in the backwardness of the education sector in the country. The primary reasons behind this are shortage of funds and lack of governmental support. But it cannot be denied that lack of basic facilities is a very serious handicap for the development of any sector in the economy. Hence, the primary key to boost up the education sector in the country is through increased budgetary allocation and encouragement from the government.

Popular Destinations

Tourism has emerged as a popular destination for holiday nowadays. A large number of foreign tourists flock to India every year to spend their vacations in India. Hence, the tourism ministry should focus on enhancing and developing tourism in the country so that the growth of the economy can be faster. In order to do this, the government should support the development of the tourism sector by improving the basic infrastructure and making it safe for the visitors. Some of the best ways to improve the condition of tourism in the country are listed as below.

First, the tourism development should be promoted by focusing more on accommodation facilities rather than restricting itself to providing tourists with facilities like sightseeing. Since the visitors will stay for a limited time in a country, the government should ensure that they get proper accommodation facilities. Improving the condition of hotels and motels in the country will also help in increasing the tourism growth. Another way is to encourage the use of bikes in the country, since this mode of transport has proved itself as an excellent mode of tourism penetration.


The third and crucial step is to provide more assistance to the small entrepreneurs in the country. Small entrepreneurs have the potential to become a great source of generating revenue for the government. Hence, it is advisable to provide them tax concessions and other forms of assistance so that they can be able to develop their business. Similarly, the government should encourage the development of the tourism infrastructure in the country. It is essential to construct good hotels, motels, restaurants and other forms of accommodation to make the tourism popular among tourists.

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