India Tourism Minister Efforts And Best Travel Spots

India Tourism Minister

Indian Tourism Minister is making every effort to make India the number one travel destination in the world. In this direction, the tourism ministry launched the ‘DekhoApnaDesh’ Webinar series, entitled “12 Months of Adventure Travel,” which intends to encourage India as a tourism experience destination and as it states, it will make India a place to visit all year round.

Tourism And The Idea Of Life

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Life itself is spinning and turning journey. But what if we had exploration travel that brings true excitement and enthusiasm for an entirely new world? High peaks and valleys, interesting ponds, compelling rivers, and wildlife are worth visiting in India. India has several adventurous spots. Or in northern or southern India, visitors have plenty of choices for a fun-filled ride. Read more to explore more.

Jim Corbett Safari Uttarakhand

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Would you like to meet rich Indian wildlife, particularly Tigers? So your place is Jim Corbett National Park. This 13184 sq. km wide national park, home to several rare wildlife animals, is based in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district. Travelers will take a jeep safari to the whole national park. If you are fortunate enough, you will reach Jim Corbett’s imperial tiger.

White River Rafting In Rishikesh

Rishikesh is in the pool as we hear for conducting a river excursion. Rishikesh is the city of Indian river rafting, where the Holy Ganga river runs and offers the pace of grade I-V. Rishikesh River Rafting is a great experience. Hitting Ganges’ fast bubbling water is a thrilling adventure. Rolling on this sacred canal, you will admire the dazzling views of the glorious green Himalayas. Through experienced rafters, you can be directed to a free kayaking experience without injuries.

Scuba Diving In Andaman

Deep blue water and stunning sea life make Andaman a wonderful tourist destination. Andaman’s sea life is a lifelong journey to discover and is good enough to warrant an adventure trip. There are tonnes of stuff you can’t forget, from scorpion fish and octopus to sharks and coral reefs.

Roopkund Trek Uttarakhand

If you like accentuate trekking, Roopkund Trek is your top destination. The atmospheric pressure in the Uttarakhand district of Chamoli helps tourists to walk up to 3200m. The hike is renowned for its stimulating excursions, but explorers have to reinvigorate the area. Roopkund Trek is famous for its magical scenery that you can touch any time you go.

Caving In Meghalaya

The state of North-Eastern India is by far the most magnificent area in all respects. It includes a few of the finest gems worth a penny to discover: enchanted cellars, lovely cascades, and beautiful ranges. Caving in Meghalaya is the experience you may do most. The Hills of Khasi and Jaintia are the two most famous hills endowed with mysterious caves.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Skiing is the greatest activity in Gulmarg, J&K. Skiing is something you will encounter with all those who are thrill junkies. The Gulmarg ski hill is operated by Gondola, where the height tips are around 4,000 meters high with the Apharwat mountain top. The ski slope provides unlimited alpine, canopies, archways, and glacier boarding. If you’re an expert skier, it’s the most fun experience.

Summing Up

India ranks 34th on the world ranking for travel and tourism powered by rich environmental and historical resources. The Economic Forum listed India as the fifth top place in the World’s Nature Conservation Ranking. Adventure Tourism presents India with a sea of possibilities for discovery and knowledge with unmatched natural wealth.

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