India Tourism Office of New York Targets To Promote International Tours

india tourism office new york

Tourism is the third-largest industry in India after agriculture and mining. The government has taken special steps to promote tourism in the country. For instance, the Central Board of Excise and Customs or CBEC takes part in various events for promoting the tourism industry of the state. There are also numerous tourist organizations that take up different tour packages for tourists visiting the state. These include Indian Classic Tour and Jaipur Tour Packages and Alleppey Tour Packages.

New Delhi

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If you are planning for a tour of India, you should go to New Delhi. The capital city is home to many historical monuments including Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and Indira Gandhi Museum. It is also famous for its international airport and railway station. Many international airlines come to Delhi for their flights. Recently, the tourism department has taken some vital steps to improve tourism in the state by organizing various events.

Infrastructure Development

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The business secretary said that the infrastructure development in the state was another important factor contributing to the rise in the foreign visitor count. The number of airports in the state was increasing by the day. This increase in airports is primarily meant for connecting more flights to major tourist destinations in the world.

Signs of Expansion

He went on to say that the tourism industry will be expanding very soon as the state has adequate connectivity with all the important cities and major tourist centers in the world. He further stated that the government is focusing on the promotion and expansion of different tourism facilities so that there would be no hindrance in the growth of the business in the state.

Promotion of Tourism

Mr. Sumerel also took up the task of promoting the tourism infrastructure of the state and its surrounding areas. There are several projects under his purview which are benefiting the local people in the state. These projects aim at providing basic amenities to the local people and at the same time preventing the influx of tourists from other states.

Nationwide Importance

It seems that the tourism office of New York has done well in promoting the interests of the tourists. Tourism is a huge industry and the development of tourism infrastructure is not only limited to the state but nationwide. This has helped a lot in bringing down the airfares of the airlines. Airline companies like Delta Airlines, American Airlines have reduced their fares by a large percentage in order to attract more tourists and business class travelers.


Another good thing about the tourism office of New York is that it provides assistance to overseas investors in the state. Earlier this service was provided by the federal government itself. However, following pressure from various state governments, the federal government had shifted its priorities and focus towards enhancing the tourist infrastructure in the state.

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