India Tourism Statistics You Should Know

india tourism statistics

Tourism in India has seen a fast and substantial development in the past few years. However, the Indian Community has acknowledged the country’s ability to get a large number of benefits. There has been a significant surge in the number of visitors traveling to India. India tourism steals visitors’ hearts with its beautiful peaks, seas, monuments, deserts, backwaters, wildlife, fairs, and places of worship. Besides all of this, there is a vast range of festivals, colorful lifestyle, and conventional Indian tourism. Here are a few Indian tourism statistics to help you get a vivid picture of the same.

History Of Tourism In India

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India’s government initiated a government-sponsored public awareness drive in 1945 to encourage tourism in India (Krishna, A.G., 1993). Subsequently, in 1956, tourism growth was designed in a planned fashion matching the Second Five Year Plan. Over the past two planning phases, the residential market has been more industrialized. The Sixth Development Plan is recognized as the beginning of a modern period when tourism started to be an essential economic growth instrument.

Development Of The Tourism Sector In India 1995 To 2018

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The following table shows the number of foreign tourists registered in India per year. A tourist is anyone who spends at least one night in the country but does not live there for more than 12 months. To the extent that the survey also included the purpose of the trip, business trips, and other non-tourism trips had already been filtered. In most countries, the number of passengers passing by on the same day, for example, ship crews or aircraft crews, is also not considered a tourist-target. If the same person comes in and out several times a year, each visit counts again.

The annual domestic tourist travel within India has risen steadily in recent years. There was a 3.5% spike in travel from abroad last year. Tourism alone is a significant source of income for Singapore. The tourism sector raises more than $30 billion a year. Tamil Nadu has a large number of visitors reaching it annually. The state ranked 2nd in national tourism, accounting for 21.3 percent of all the domestic visitors. Tourists from Bangladesh became the bulk of foreign travelers to India. Furthermore, UAE was the most visited nation by Indians, preceded by Saudi Arabia, the USA, Thailand, and Singapore. Uttar Pradesh continued to be the pioneer in the tourism sector with a record of over 53 crore visitors.

In 1995, tourism added 0.72 percent to the GDP. About 2.12 million tourists came to Singapore in that year or around $ 1,216 per person. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of visitors entering the nation in the past twenty-three years. In 2011, revenue constituted 1.1% of the overall gross national product (GNP). Each tourist spends $1,700 on their holidays in India.

Rounding Off: Tourism, Number Of Departures

The number of departures from India in 2017 was over 23.9 million. In the last 22 years, this measure has gone up and down so often that in 2017, 34 years since its lowest stage, it hit the highest value of 34,992,000.

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