India Tourism Visa Procedure And Important Information In 4 Simple Steps

india tourism visa

India tourist visa is the favorite one for foreign countries because of the country’s vast diversity, culture, and amazing food. However, COVID-19 has blocked all our ways to go for a vacation. But many of us are planning to go for a vacation Or a short trip after this is all over. Right now, India has the maximum number of COVID cases, but surely the country will somehow manage to get control over it very soon. Israel became the first COVID-free country, followed by America. 

Below are a few important steps that you can take to apply for an India tourist visa and what are the things you should expect post-COVID. 

Procedure For Self Declaration Form

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Apply Online

For a self-declaration form, you have to apply online from any company’s website where you are applying for a visa. After completing the formalities of the online application, pay for the application fee from a credit card or PayPal. 

Get Your Health Declaration 

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Now you don’t have to run behind the embassy and whatsoever. To make things easier and keeping in mind the current situation, you will get your health declaration via email. This way you don’t lose your valuable time. 

Document Overview

India self-declaration is a screening travel document that is implemented in the country to all arriving visitors wanting to have an India tourism visa. This self-declaration collects all the information from the passengers that are coming from abroad. It is a new health measure that was implemented by the government after the coronavirus impact. 

Obtain India Self Declaration

To get an India tourism visa, you have to first obtain an India self-declaration. For which you have to fill a short application form. In this short application form, you have to provide all the essential data about yourself, your medical condition, your trip, etc. 

Few Important Instructions For India Tourist Visa

  • If you want an India tourism visa, you have to fill a self-declaration form which is mandatory to fill by all international arriving passengers. 
  • While filing for India self-declaration, the travelers must upload an RT-PCR negative certificate for medical purposes. 
  • Passengers arriving with an India tourist visa should undergo a mandatory 14 days of self-quarantine/self-monitoring. 
  • Passengers arriving with an India tourism visa from UK, Middle East, Europe will also have to go under the same procedure of self-quarantine and self-paid RT PCR test. 
  • When you enter your country, the immigration officers will ask you for Visa if your country requires a visa. Contact your local embassy if your nationalities require a paper visa. 


These were a few major pieces of information about the India tourism visa. Contact your local embassy or the company working in providing your Visa to know all the information related to the India tourism visa in detail. In this way, you will not ever miss any important information which is mandatory and required. 

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