An Ultimate Guide To Plan Your First Trip To India

India trip

For anyone who has ever been fascinated by India, there are two main India trip plans that we can recommend depending upon your interest and preference. There are many people who want to visit India to get a taste of royalty, visit the ancient forts and palaces, and also add some jungle safaris. There are some others, you want to include God’s Own Country Kerala, and nearby destinations in their India trip plan. Here are both the trips explained in detail.

India trip plan
India trip Plan

Golden Triangle Tour

Many tourists from India and abroad desire to visit the Golden Triangle with the Ranthambore wildlife tour. In this package, you get to see with your own eyes the iconic Taj Mahal of India, royal palaces in Rajasthan, some old forts and monuments, and also some Indian wildlife. The Ranthambore national park wildlife tour is often clubbed with Taj Mahal sight-seeing, halt at Delhi, Jaipur sightseeing, and Taj Mahal tour. If you want to see the 7th Wonder of the World, then you must try this India trip plan.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, is thronged by tourists round the year because of its ancient heritage and taste of royalty. It has a rich and cultural heritage and a traditional vibe that will instantly attract you. It is an amazing amalgamation of rich and new cultures. Do visit the majestic forts and splendid palaces when you come to Jaipur.

When clubbed with Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Jeep Safari, your happiness knows no bounds when you get up close and personal with some rare and exotic birds and animals. When you travel in a jeep safari into the open and dense forests along with a well-experienced tour guide, you get the best experience of being with nature and wild animals. The journey further continues to the iconic Taj Mahal sight-seeing in Agra. The Agra sightseeing tour from Delhi can be customized as per your preferences. When taking this tour, you need not worry about your safety, as the tour guides are trained to take care of the tourists.

South India Tour

If you want to visit South India during your India trip plan, then you must be prepared to visit three to four states that mainly constitute South India – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. You will find the culture, language, and food here to be completely different than what you see in North or West India.

South India Trip Plan
South India Trip Plan

Tamil Nadu is famous for its beautiful temples in Thanjavur, Madurai, and Avinashi. Kerala is famous for its coastal beaches, tranquil landscapes, and beautiful sceneries. If you are planning to see some old palaces, do visit Mysore in Karnataka to see the ancient palace and forts. Andhra Pradesh also is bestowed with coastal beauties, rich cultural heritage, and beautiful cities.

So, you can decide which terrains you want to visit during your first trip to India. Generally, tourists do not club these locations as often take a separate North and West India trip and then come again to take a South India trip.

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