Indian Cities And Travels -

Indian Cities And Travels

Indian Cities And Travels

Do you know India is a vast and diverse Southern Asian country? If you are planning to visit India and confused about which Indian city you should visit or which city will make your journey worth it, then you are surprisingly not wrong. Yeah! The reason is all the Indian cities have its incredible wealth of tradition and the kind of life that is ethical and different from other countries. Indian cities and travels will give you immense pleasure, and you will cherish your decision visiting the country rich in culture and tradition.

From the beautiful city of Kerala in the south to the dusty forts of Rajasthan, this fascinating Asian giant has an exotic view and vibrant culture. With the changing world, the country has also taken its technology strength to the next level. Undoubtedly, you will love the fascinating hill stations of Northern India. Mesmerizing natural view and highest peak covered with snow together with the promising religious sites will compel you to spend some more vacations in India.

Indian Cities And Travels
Indian Cities And Travels

Different Cities Of India

Whenever you decide to visit India, plan an extended vacation because it will take time to visit the best tourist places in India. Different tourism
Places in India to visit are:

Panaji: Indian Cities And Travels

Panaji is located in Goa; The city has a unique culture and tradition. With its Mediterranean style architecture, it welcome thousand is a tourist during the year. The city is overcrowded with tourists at the end of the year to celebrate Christmas and new year. Whitewashed house and tiles red roof and number of churches, make this city different from other towns. Being the coastal city, it has many beaches and barbecue, which attracts the tourist. If you are a honeymoon couple, you can book your honeymoon package to this city.

Mysore: Indian Cities And Travels

The city is known for its craftsmanship. Rich cuisine and flavors are found in Mysore. Also, the famous Mysore palace is crafted of wood and is an interesting tourist spot. Once you decide to visit Mysore, you will get to see the famous Karanji Lake and the street market, which is the center of attraction of the visitors.

Indian Cities And Travels
Indian Cities And Travels


The city of rich green agriculture is one of the towns that give visitors a chance to understand the rich culture of the country. Have you ever visited the farms? If no, try visiting Punjab, it will take you to the middle of nature and will make you experience the lush green farms with pure vegetables. The state has a religious belief of its own. Amritsar in Punjab is famous for the Golden Temple. Visitors across the world, visit this temple. The other thing you will love about the city is the lovely cuisine. Its rich flour will make you forget your bread omelet.


Jaisalmer is in the midway of Rajasthan. It has visitors all across the world, because of its vast sandstone structure. The delicious food will attract you to the city. You can take the help of a country guide, that will let you know the famous sites and flavor of the country.

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