Indian Culture Music An Elixir To The Souls Of Global Music Lovers

indian culture music

The Indian culture music showcases the true beauty of India and its cultural diversity with its two distinct traditions. The North Indian culture music, known as Hindustani, and the South Indian culture music popular as Carnatic. Both of these Indian culture music shares several common features, yet what makes them distinct is that Hindustani music explores the Raga, whereas Carnatic music is more composition-based.

As history states, India is a land where several visitors in disguise across the world visited like Britishers, Mughals, etc. The country mingled their Culture as well into herself and made it the heritage to be celebrated.

Therefore, besides the ancient versions, Indian culture music encompasses a variety of soul-stirring music that depicts the true colors of India along with the glimpses of cultures of the foreign lands. Hence, let’s explore the essence of Global Indian culture music with this piece of writing.

The Salient Aspects Of Soul-Stirring Indian Culture Music

Indian Culture

There are primarily three aspects of Indian culture music that every music lover should know. This will teach and preach to you both connecting you more with the roots of Indian culture music.

The Indian Culture Music Type And Styles

Indian Culture

Since the evolution of Hindustani and Carnatic music, Indian culture music is celebrating its legacy. India, being a land of a mixture of many cultures, traditions, and beliefs, features a beautiful array of types and styles of music. The list includes Classical music, Raga, Dhrupad, Folk music like Bhangra, Bihu, Rajasthani, Dandiya, Pahadi, Lavani, Jhumair, and Domkach, etc. It goes on with Bhajans, Sufi, Ghazals, Indian Fusion music, Indian Pop, Bollywood music, and much more.

The Musical Instruments Of The Indian Culture Music

The musical instruments clearly define the sound of Indian culture music. The Sitar, Sarod, Flute, Tabla, Tambura, Shahnai, Sarangi, Tanpura, Veena, Mridangam, Kanjira, Violin, Dhol, Naal, and Pung, Khartaal, Harmonium are not just the names but are the soul of Indian culture music that connects directly to the hearts of the listeners. Moreover, modern musical instruments like the guitar, drums, trumpet, saxophone, etc., add an essenced tempering to the music created by them.

The USP Of The Indian Culture Music

The Indian culture music comes from Hinduism’s Vedic literature. According to ancient studies, Indian culture music was never written down and was created instantaneously by the creators. That is its true highlight and uniqueness. With the most important foundational elements, Raga and Tala, the Indian culture music, got its divine melodic structure and the rhythmic framework with respect to time. Their combined beauty and essence eventually make the Indian Culture much unique from other communities.


There is this very interesting fact that states, the folk music of Punjab, Bhangra, during the British rule in India was known as Asian Pop, globally. That depicts the craze of Indian culture music across the globe, even when we were not born.

The Indian culture music is the authentic sound of the enlightened soul that holds the power to make us one with the divine. It takes us on a soothing journey of serenity and tranquility. The Indian culture music is love and pure bliss to hear. It soothes the listener’s ears to the core and works as a true elixir to music lover’s souls globally.

The world bows down to the pride of India and the Indian culture music, and so do we.

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