5 Amazing Indian Culture Of Marriage

Indian culture of marriage

According to statistics, the number of divorces is the least in India as compared to the rest of the world. Does that mean that Indian people are better in looking for their ideal partners or are they plain lucky? Well, the answer to this is that Indian people have high ethics and morals. A marriage bond is sacred for most Indian couples. Both the spouses tend to compromise according to each other’s likes and dislikes and eventually get into a comfortable marital bond. If you find this amusing, there is more on the Indian culture of marriage. These cultures and values are embedded in the minds of young children or teenagers by society and the extended families they live in. They automatically get inclined towards creating a forever relationship with their partner after marriage. There is more to the Indian culture of marriage. Read on further.

Amazing Indian culture of marriage
Amazing Indian Culture of Marriage

Indian Culture of Marriage

When you marry in India, you do not only marry the groom or the bride, but you marry the entire family

In India, marriages are said to take place between families, not literally though. This concept boils down to the fact that the entire family gets involved in the marriage not only for the functions but also for creating lifetime relationships with the bride or grooms’ families. The siblings and parents of the bride or groom have an important say in marital affairs. They are also pampered by each other. A newly married bride or groom is supposed to respect and love her/his partner’s siblings and family members.

The bride often leaves her parents’ house to settle in the groom’s family

If you find this unfair, you should ask all the Indian married women who happily leave their parent’s houses to settle in their husband’s houses. They make that house their own and nurture it with great love and devotion.

The Groom does not get to ‘kiss’ the bride

Indians are relatively shy when it comes to physical affection displayed in public. Sexual or romantic gestures like kissing their partner in public or even hugging are not tolerated in major Indian religions. They consider this to be an important aspect of their culture and feel proud to show decency in public.

Beautiful Indian Culture of Marriage
Beautiful Indian Culture of Marriage

Gifts are exchanged between the bride and groom’s families during the wedding

When a marriage is finalized, a lot of gifts are exchanged between the bride and groom’s families. The mother of the groom often bestows the newly married daughter-in-law with lots of gold and diamond jewelry and heavy sarees and cosmetics. The parents of the bride give costly gifts like jewelry, clothes, valuables, silver and gold coins, cars, laptops, watches, etc. to the groom and his family members. In most families in India today, the bride’s family spends more than the groom’s family on the wedding parties and functions.

Indians buy maximum gold and silver during a wedding in a family

In Indian tradition, the bride’s parents shower her with loads of gold and silver ornaments for her wedding. This is a part of the ‘Stri-dhan’ or ‘woman’s wealth’ that parents give to a daughter who is going to leave their house forever. The bride is often praised at the amount of jewelry she has got with her from her parents’ side. She even wears beautiful jewelry for all her marriage functions.

Indian culture of marriage is very diverse in India itself as there are many different cultures and religions, but the crux of all is similar.

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