Indian Family Culture: Its Importance

indian family culture

Indian students all over the world choose to study abroad in USA for many reasons, one of them is better education system, cheaper cost, cultural tolerance, and a rich cultural background. As compared to other country such as China, USA offers more opportunities and better quality education. The best thing about studying in USA is that it has very less political problems, less immigration issues, less language issues, etc. There are very less violence and communal tension in America than in India.

India is known to be an ideal destination for those who want to experience new cultures and lifestyle. There are many famous universities in India where you can pursue your degree. Some of these institutions are – Oriental University, Presidency College, Strayer University, Kanjeevaram University, Hyderabad University, JNU, etc.

As per recent surveys Indian Americans have become the fastest growing group of immigrants in the United States. This is primarily due to the increasing demand of quality education, job opportunities and a good quality of life. According to an estimate there are about 1.25 million American Indians who are enrolled in colleges and universities in the US. They form a very significant and influential community in the USA, which contributes significantly to the economic well being of the nation.

There are several reasons why more American Indians are going to India to get educated. First of all, education in India will help them build a stronger educational base in order to make them well skilled and financially stable citizens of the country. As far as their mindset is concerned, they prefer to stay in India because they think that their life is financially stable in India and they don’t have to worry about their future. So for them a college in India is the best option.

Another reason is that they want to build their own businesses in India. In order to be financially stable, entrepreneur must have excellent management skills. If you have such skills and ability then getting trained in India is the right choice for you. It will help you to learn different types of business processes and you will get the chance to work with big business corporations in India. By this way you will be able to build your own businesses independently.

They also want to enjoy their Indian wife/husband’s traditional customs and lifestyle. This is something that is really important for the success of a marriage. But the problem is that American Indians are not so open to change their western lifestyles. So as a result there are many cases where these couples will remain in their present marriages to their children grow up. Even if the marriage between this couple is not successful, they will not be able to avail the financial benefits that are provided by the government for the couples.

Bottom Line

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Overall, we can say that Indian family culture is a very important factor for the success of any marriage. However, still there are some problems. The problem is not so much related to the culture but more to the ignorance of the American Indians. They should realize that there are so many advantages offered by the western system and they should also understand the fact that they have not enjoyed the benefits fully. Only after this process they will be able to introduce the cultural values to their children and will be able to live the Indian tradition.

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