Indian Religion Gods- Celestial Knowledge You Should Grasp

indian religion gods

The Indian religion is highly diverse, but the major part of Indian religion is encompassing Hinduism. Even for the Hindus, there is a single word known as the supreme Power, but still, there are numerous gods that people follow. Most people follow the Power of divine goodness, and therefore they follow the various avatars of God. There are some very popular gods and goddesses In The Hindu religion, and it is high time you knew about them. 


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Ganesha is the son of Parvati and Shiva; he is known as the God of Power and success. It is also the God who most of the students follow because they feel that he will be a blessing on the aspect of knowledge. According to the portrait, he is depicted riding a rat and loves to have sweets. He is the God behind removing all obstacles when it comes to the path of success. 


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Shiva is also known as the destroyer and the representative of death and dissolution. It is also known as the master of dance as well as rejuvenation. He is one of the major words among Trinity and is also known as Natraj Vishwanath as well as Pashupati. He is represented in blue color with the human form, and he has a snake around his neck. He is married to Parvati or Durga as we call her, and is also represented in the symbol of Shiva lingam. 


This is one of the most beautiful Hindu gods Of love, and he has completely blue skin. He is specifically the God of love and compassion, and he is known for his seductive musical composition with the flute. He is also the sustainer amongst the Trinity and is also known in the name of Vishnu. His followers are also known as Vaishnavas and preach the idea of love. 


He is the follower of the God Rama and is a symbol of strength and perseverance. He is also a depiction of devotion and service, and he wants to battle against all that is evil. In times of trouble, most Hindus chant his name and see his song known as the Hanuman Chalisa. You will be given to get many Hanuman temples when you are visiting India, and you can see most people devoted to this God. 


Vishnu is the symbolism of hills, and he is also the ultimate God of tolerance. She is married to Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and his devotees are known as the Vaishnavas. Among the Trinity, he is the ultimate God of maintenance, and it is because of him that the world stays in place. 


Talking about the goddess of strength and power, one cannot miss maa Durga. She is the protector of all that is good and the destructor of evil. He has many weapons in her hand and rides on a tiger or a lion. 


There is a lot more to indian gods and goddesses and it is imperative for you to get the essence of stories. So why wait when you can read more about them?

Now that you know about some of the Indian gods you will be even more interested to know about some others. Do some more research and know about all the mythological stories behind these gods and goddesses

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