List Of Indian Religion

Indian religion

Religion in India is quite diverse but the majority of it is Hinduism. In spite of that, it is a secular country, and no religion is given preference over the other. There are many religions practiced in India. Here is the Indian religion list in brief.

Indian religion list
Indian Religion List

Indian Religion List

Hinduism – 79.8%

This is one of the most widely practiced religions in India. Hinduism itself has diverse religious practices, sects, and philosophies. There are more than 1000 deities that are worshipped. The supreme deity is the Brahma. It is also the third biggest religion in the world with more than 1 billion followers. It is believed to be the oldest religion in the world when compared to the others.

Islam – 14.2%

There are 14.2% followers of Islam in India. This religion came much later into Indian in the 8th century. Islam has a major contribution of molding the Indian classical music. There are around 130 million followers of Islam in India, most of these had converted into Islam during the Mughal period. Muslims are found mostly in northern and western India.

Different types of Indian Religion
Different Types of Indian Religion

Christianity – 2.3%

Only 2.3% of Indians believe in Christianity. It was introduced to India in the 1st century. Since then, many Indians got converted into Christianity. Today, although a minority, it is a prominent religion in India. It has maximum followers in Kerala, Mizoram, and Goa.

Sikhism – 1.7%

This religion was started in Punjab of India around 400 years back. There are around 2.08 million Sikhs living across the nation. A large number of Sikhs serve in the Indian army. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the most famous shrine of the Sikhs.

Buddhism – 0.7%

This is a minority religion in India and has its followers mostly in the Himalayan region. The government is promoting this religion with an idea to enhance tourism to Bodh Gaya, the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Bihar, India. There are many notable Buddhist temples in India and the most popular one is the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya.

Other – 0.7%

There is also a small number of Indians who follow various other religions including the Baha’I religion and Judaism. It is estimated that only around 4752 Indians practice the Baha’I religion in India. Jewish people have also lived in India for many years. It was recorded as one of the first religions here. There are an estimated 5000 Jews in India.

Jainism – 0.4%

A very small percent of the Indian population has converted to Jainism. This religion was invented in India around 3000 BCE. This one is an ancient religion with around 5 million Jains across the nation. Jain temples are known as Derasar or Basadi and the most famous ones are the Ranakpur Jair Temple and the Palitana Temple in Palitana.

Zoroastrianism – 0.1%

Around 0.1% of the Indians are Parsis and follow Zoroastrian. This faith was started by the prophet Zoroaster was lived in Iran. This religion is also considered as one of the oldest religions in the world.

These are the main religions found and practiced in India. In spite of this diversity, all religions are respected in India, and every religion is given equality. Hinduism is the dominant religion here.

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