Interesting Facts About Indian Culture

interesting facts about indian culture

Interesting facts about Indian culture should be understood to a large extent by people of other cultures to learn about their creative and colorful side. There are a variety of books, articles, music, films, television programs, etc which can be used as resources for learning about various interesting facts about Indian culture.

History Since the time of the Vedas, India has been famous for its profound and rich literary history. This is in fact a very important part of Indian culture. For instance, the epic Puran ka Jhumantra is a literary classic which tells about the rule of the kings of the Videhasa dynasty. A lot of this literature was lost, but some of it has been found recently.

Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture The evolution of art in India began during the fifth and sixth centuries BC with the arrival of the Chandrya dynasty. The architectural designs of that era are highly unique and elaborate. In the last few decades, the modernist architecture of India has grown in popularity, especially in the urban centers of India. Some of the most noteworthy and renowned buildings of India include: Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Rajpath, Red Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Lotus Temple, Jain Temple, Birla Temple, and Kundan Lal Temple.

Music One of the major elements of Indian art and architecture is music. There are various genres of music such as classical, spiritual, folk, and modern. There are also popular Indian musicians like Ravi Bhaji, Mahesh Babu, Dhamal Batmangal, and Kalimaariya Devi. All these artists have played an important role in the development of Indian music.

Dance Forms An Important Part Of Indian Culture

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Dance As already mentioned, dance forms an important part of Indian culture. Most of the dances that are related to mythology and different religious themes are performed at various religious events and celebrations such as Diwali, Holi, and Eid. During weddings, people from both the families dance together to celebrate the occasion.

Visual arts Indian artists have been known to excel in the visual arts industry. Paintings, sculptures, and Jewelry are produced by both Hindu and Muslim artists. In fact, it is a significant part of Indian heritage. Paintings can be classified under the following categories:


There is a long history of medical science in India. This branch of medicine got its start in ancient China. Today, Ayurveda is the leading medical system in India. It is a part of Traditional Indian Medicine.

Sports India is a major sports enthusiast. There are various sports competitions in India such as Olympic Games, Commonwealth games, and even cricket world cup. Cricket has always been one of the most popular sports here. Other than this, cricket fans can enjoy watching a variety of other sports such as football, rugby, basketball, golf, tennis, horse racing, swimming, motor-bicycle racing, and polo.

Design Designers

Design Designers in India are also famous for their talents. The demand for their artwork is always high. Some of the renowned designers are Ananda Coomaraswamy, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Tapaniello Aravind, and Nitin Soman Nair. Art is also reflected in the design of various Indian products. For example, kimonos are designed with beads, marbles, and stones, and paper arts and embroidery are also a popular craft.

Food India is the world’s biggest food producer. They have a rich array of variety. The taste of each dish varies according to region. North Indian cuisine is ‘erved’ using rotis whereas South Indian cuisine is eaten with rice. It is believed that the country’s famous dal recipes originated from Kerala in the Southern region of India. The region is well known for its delicious and spicy food.


There is a vast history of Hindu religion in India. The fundamental faith is ‘Purush’. This is a form of worship practiced since ancient times. The other major religions practiced in India are Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. They have also contributed significantly to Indian culture.


If we dig deeper into the interesting facts about Indian culture, we come to know that Indians have a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in their art, architecture, and traditional customs. They have an intense pride for their historical past and definitely for their present. Their food is also a reflection of their rich culture and heritage. These are just a few of the interesting facts about Indian culture. Explore the Indian subcontinent on your own and discover for yourself.

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