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Indian culture is the combination of oral and written word. Music is very significant in the culture of India. The influence of western music has touched the lives of people living in India. This can be seen at the bazaars of the country as well as at various other places. Bollywood is a great example of this.

The Influence Of Music

Indian Culture

The influence of music in the culture is immense. It permeates all aspects of life. Indians speak various languages, including Hindi and English. The influence of Hollywood films on Indian life cannot be ignored.

Music has made its mark on the lives of people in India. In fact, music has become such an important part of their lives that many people in India have started writing songs and stories using music as a medium of conveying their emotions. This is a relatively new trend, which has become immensely popular. The emergence and rise of various kinds of pop bands have given wings to the music industry in India. These bands have been instrumental in the evolution of Indian music.

Bollywood is the most famous producer of music in India. It churns out hundreds of songs every year. Most of these Bollywood movies are a huge hit among the Indian masses. The success of Bollywood films led to a mass acceptance of music in the country. This led to a surge in the number of fans for music.


Indian Culture

However, this is not the case with other genres of music in India. Jazz is the most widely listened but lesser known, genre. Its artists have been performing since the 19th century. Other forms of Indian culture include classical dance, spoken word, music, cinema, and the spiritual community.

Indian music has changed over the period of time. The styles have diversified and the music has also developed on its own. From the past few decades, rock has become a favorite among the masses. A number of Indian bands have become popular around the world.

Besides music, literature and art form, Indian culture is famous for its craftsmanship. There are innumerable craftsmen in the Indian crafts industry. The crafty products of the Indian craftsmen are highly priced all over the world. Crafty products such as handcrafted furniture, wooden sculptures, carpets, and metal work, such as carvings, jewelries, and leather goods are in high demand all over the world.

Great Value Placed On The Family

Another important aspect of Indian culture is the great value placed on the family. A common household piece is the Indian wedding which is followed by a lavish celebration with lots of dancing, fun, and merriment. In fact, music, dance, drama, stories, poetry, and literature form the key elements of an Indian celebration.

A major component of Indian culture is the Bhai Dooj, which was observed on the last Sunday of the Hindu month of November. This day is all about brotherhood and love. It is one of the most popular events of the year in India. It’s one of the largest festivals of India and draws people from all across the country to celebrate it.

Music is very important in the Indian culture. Many religious ceremonies require music and dance as part of the ceremony. People associate the sound of music with their spiritual and divine experiences.

Final Words

The rise of hip hop and rap music in the 90’s changed the face of Indian music. Now, you can hear soulful folk tunes mixed with hip hop and rap beats. Music from the eastern part of India is influenced by the west and the blend has produced some of the best music of India. Bollywood is another key player in this. Its movie industry is legendary and its composer Shri Yash Chopra is one of the most sought after lyricists in the world. All this and more make Indian culture a truly amazing culture to study.

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