Maharashtras Best Bird watching Spots


Maharashtra is home to bird species, making it a noble destination for bird-watching enthusiasts. From the plains of Vidarbha to the Sahyadri Mountains, there are plenty of locations in the state that offer excellent bird watching opportunities.

If you’re looking for some top bird-watching spots in Maharashtra, here are a few suggestions!

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Ahmedabad

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Enjoy a peaceful walk amidst nature’s beauty at one of Gujarat’s top bird sanctuaries. The lake is home to around 300 birds, including the Siberian white ibis, painted stork, and Eurasian spoonbill. Apart from watching these feathered friends in their natural habitat, you can also enjoy boating at the lake.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Satara

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Located around 100 km away from Pune is this picturesque wildlife sanctuary. The best time to visit the area is during winter. You can spot migratory birds in the wetlands. Deer, wild elephants, and gaur are also commonly spotted here.

Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located on the banks of the Tunga River and is known for its diverse birdlife. Over 150 birds have been recorded here, including the Malabar pied hornbill and the racket-tailed drongo. The sanctuary is also home to mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located in the Sahyadri Mountains and is known for its dense forest cover and wildlife. There is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva in the sanctuary, which draws massive visitors. One can spot wild boars, sloth bears, Indian leopards, common langurs, sambar deer, gaurs, barking deer at this sanctuary.

Pench National Park, near Nagpur

It is another wildlife sanctuary in the Sahyadri Mountains and one of Maharashtra’s most popular parks. The Pench River flows through the park and offers over 250 birds and immense opportunities for spotting animals such as wild boars, nilgai antelopes, panthers, tigers.

Kaas Plateau, near Satara

This plateau is known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’ and is home to flora and fauna. The plateau is located at an altitude of around 1800 meters and offers stunning views of the Sahyadri Mountains.

One can spot wildlife, for example, nilgais, common langurs, wild pigs, etc.

Waki Dam and Valley

The dam is located on the Wag river and offers excellent opportunities for bird-watching as it has an enormous title ‘Important Bird Area’. More than 200 birds have been recorded here, including the endangered red-headed vulture. The valley is also home to animals, such as leopards, jackals, wild boars, and langurs.

Lonar Lake, Buldhana

This crater lake is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra and is one of the few lakes in India that has a high salt content. More than 100 migratory birds have been recorded in this area, including the lesser flamingo. The lake is also home to olive ridley turtles, which come ashore to lay their eggs during November and December.

Udhna Lake, Surat

Located at an altitude of just 3 feet above sea level, Udhna Lake is one of the largest lakes in Gujarat. The lake attracts migratory birds, and at least 200 species have been recorded here. The best time to visit this bird sanctuary is during the winter months of November to February. You can spot over 80 species of birds on any given day!

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

This park is located in the heart of Mumbai and is expanded over an area of 104 square km. The park is home to gigantic wildlife, including leopards, deer, wild boars, and crocodiles. The park also has a bird sanctuary that is home to over 250 species of birds, including the pied kingfisher and the Malabar parakeet.

Maharashtra is home to some of the best bird-watching spots in India. If you’re interested in seeing various species of birds, then you should check out some of these spots!

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