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native american indian religion

In America, the use of American Indian religion is preferred by the natives as a contrast to earlier times when only American religion was used. Native American religion is the spiritual practices of the indigenous people of North America. Ceremonial ways are different as they demonstrate the ways used in historic times. Early Europeans used to describe the religion and it is passed on a legacy to the people via oral histories and stories from old people. But, lately, people have become more active and have now started using the term American Indian or Indigenous religion as the practices were popularized by the Indian people in America. The features of the Native American Indian religion are listed below-

Native American Indian Religion – History of the Religion

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In the early 1600s, European Christians used to convert Native American tribes to Christianity, regardless of their original religion. In the 1700s too, the regressive practices continued. In some cases where the people objected to the conversion, forcible measures were used and even the Government supported the people in this act. In the 20th century, the government became less violent because of the passage of various acts and federal laws, and in the current 21st century, the people who practiced became lower in number and only a few of them were left. Some sacred sites are now preserved sites in the USA and the people tend to be more realistic by recognizing more American and Indian religions associated with these practices.

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Practices Done

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The Earth Lodge Religion was founded in Northern California and used to spread tribes such as Achomawi, Shasta, and Siletz. The Ghost Dance movement became popular in the United States in the 1800s that involved calling the dead to save the lives of the people from the present calamities. The Sun Dance is a religious ceremony practiced by the Native American tribe where each tribe had distinct practices and protocols. The ceremony is privately held and drums, the sacred pipe, fasting, and in some fierce cases piercing of the skin are some common practices involved.

Native American Indian Religion – Religious Leaders

Leaders of the religion include Pope, Neolin, Tenskwatawa, Kenekuk, John Slocum, Black Elk, and many others. From time to time these leaders organized the rituals and ceremonies and also reformed the religion. Some leaders led to various practices like witch-hunting, prediction of the apocalypse, giving up on liquor, and many other revivals that even led to warfare against the white settlers.


Declaration of the right of Indigenous people as a practice to preserve their heritage and ceremonial knowledge and to demonstrate the religion as a combination of American and Indian culture was a major step by the United Nations Assembly and United States Government and their federal laws.

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