Qutab Minar: A Must-Visit Place In Delhi

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Have you ever visited the Qutab Minar In Delhi? It doesn’t matter whether you are an Indian citizen or a foreigner visiting the country for a vacation, what matters is that are you in Delhi? Make the most out of this opportunity….. who knows you may not get this chance again in your life. Delhi, the capital city of India, has so much to offer the tourists that it is almost impossible to complete at one go. 

Qutab Minar: A Must-Visit When In Delhi
Qutab Minar: A Must-Visit When In Delhi

The Famous Qutab Minar

This must-visit Qutab Minar is a historical edifice that has a lot to say in itself. All Indian students have witnessed at least once in their life in the history books. It comes under the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. A beautifully crafted 73 feet high tower consisting of five stories is waiting to be visited by you. Moreover, built of red bricks, it is an example of Mughal Islamic craftsmanship at its best. 

How Can You Reach Qutab Minar?

The new lifeline of Delhi, its metro service is the easiest way for you to reach Qutab Minar. The nearest Metro is named after Qutab Minar, so it is easy to spot as well. However, you may arrive here from different parts of Delhi and de-board at Qutab Metro station. You can choose a taxi, auto, or rather go on an e-rickshaw to the entry gate.

If you would instead come on a bus, then there are several routes to choose from. However, we would suggest you select the HO-HO bus. It is an open-top bus which allows you to enjoy the journey to the destination in the best way.

Also, you can drive your car to get there. You can choose to hire a cab or drive yourself. Parking is available near the entry gate.

Historical Glimpse Of Qutab Minar

This building was a symbol of celebration of the victory of Muhammad Ghori ( the first Muslim ruler of Delhi ) over the Rajput dynasty. It commemorates the defeat of the last Hindu ruler of Delhi. Its construction was initiated by Qutb-Ud-din Aibak, who was the first Muslim ruler of the northern part of India. The structure of the first floor was completed during his lifetime. However, the total construction took 28 years to complete. This demands restoration time and again, and marks of all the successors can be seen on the beautiful castle walls.

Impeccable Architecture

Since it was the symbol of celebration of victory, the work was grand. You can witness the excellent Indo-Islamic designs along with the beautiful Arabic and Nagari characters chiseled on the exteriors of the castle. When you admire these inscriptions, you can realize the finesse of creation. During the construction work, the artisans focused on the intricate details. 

Qutab Minar: A Must-Visit When In Delhi
Qutab Minar: A Must-Visit When In Delhi

The shapes will remind you of Afghanistan; the decoration work includes garlands and lotus, giving it a local flavor. Marble and sandstone used for the construction of the top two stories. You may also notice the inscriptions from the Quran on the Minar itself. There is a Mosque (Quwwat-ul-Islam) in the vicinity, which was the first-ever mosque of Delhi. Last but not least, there stands a 1600 old iron pillar, which depicts marvelous metallurgy and not yet affected by rust.

Wrapping Up

A visit to Qutab Minar is a reminder of the love of the Mughal rulers towards art and culture. Every construction in the building is a beautiful reflection of the efforts of the artisans. 

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