Shocking Facts About Ancient Indian Culture You Might Not Know

ancient indian culture

India is seen as a country with color and tradition. We have a rich ancient Indian culture that made us famous among different countries. However, the rest of the world also sees us as a backward and strictly religious country. But was it the case since the beginning? The answer is “no,” as India used to be one of the most modern civilizations in ancient times. Therefore, we are going to discuss how advanced our culture was. So, let’s get it started.

Girls Were Allowed To Choose Their Groom

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India has a wide culture of arranged marriage. Even to this day, many girls are not allowed to marry the man they love. In fact, some of them don’t get the chance to express their views. But this wasn’t always the case. If you look at ancient stories and scriptures, you get to know that women used to choose their groom. Members of the royal family had this freedom to choose the most suitable suitor for them. Men used to compete to win the heart of the soon to be the bride.

Surgery In Ancient Indian Culture

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Do you guys know the father of surgery? Sushruta was the sage name who invented surgery and used to work with above 100 surgical instruments. Moreover, plastic surgery is not a modern world thing, as well. In ancient Indian, it was a quite common practice among kings to have lookalikes. They used such people to protect themselves from assassinators. Moreover, kings used to have ayurvedic doctors who were experts in the art of surgery.

Aryabhata Described Solar eclipse.

We all know how smart and clever Aryabhata was. He was not just a great astronomer but knew a lot about the universe. In the 5th century, he correctly described how solar and lunar eclipses happened. Besides this, he was a student at the University of Nalanda and later taught many students after graduating from school. Apart from this, he also had a knowledge of the cosmos and celestial bodies.

Zero Was Invented In Ancient Indian Culture

It is true that “Indian” has taught counting to the world. As we all know, zero was the invention of Indian. In addition to zero, we also discovered the decimal system. Moreover, you will feel proud to know that Arybhatt was that genius who did this. This means Indian was playing with numbers even before the world knew about it.

India Calculate The value Of PI.

If someone asks you why Indian’s are good in math, then do tell them this fact. Our country has been helping this world from 800 BCE. Indian mathematicians calculated the value of PI and shared the knowledge with the world. It is not wrong to say that Indians teach half of the math to the world.


When it comes to ancient Indian culture facts, then the list is long. We haven’t even covered yoga and Ayurveda, which is 6000 years old. However, all these facts made us proud as an Indian. There is more to dig about our ancient greatness, and you can search about it online.

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