Surprising Stats About Famous Monuments of Bihar

Famous Monuments of Bihar

Famous monuments of Bihar are not a new phenomenon. The state has numerous important monuments, buildings, and monuments that make this state rich in heritage.

Most Famous Dravidian Temple

Some of the most famous is the Dravidian temple Atsahabhag (also known as “Taj Mahal”) in Agonda, Trivandrum, Amra of Bihar and Arundhati of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur fort, Kumarakom of West Bengal, Pataliputra and Kumbhalgarh Fort of Andhra Pradesh, Srinagar Fort, Ranthambore Temple, Vembanad Lake of Maharashtra and many more. These are some of the most well-known monuments of Bihar that tourists visit across the globe.

State Rich In Heritage And Buildings
Surprising Stats About Famous Monuments of Bihar

Famous Monuments

There are many other famous monuments of Bihar that deserve mentioning. Some of them include Bhagavati, Akshardham Temple, Jhargam, Bajaj temple, Pataulim fort, Gaur, Khajuraho, Shodum, Chhaparayan temple, Jai Mahal, Sariska temple, Patna Raj Bhawan and many others. All these monuments are major tourist attractions and are worth visiting if you want to enjoy your holidays in the state.

Very Reasonable Rates: Famous Monuments Of Bihar

Tourists can also visit some of the famous monuments of Bihar at very reasonable rates. Many of these places are located close to the main cities of the state, like Patna, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, and Bihar’s capital city, Patna. This helps tourists enjoy sightseeing trips without having to spend hours traveling around the city. If you want to enjoy a good tour in Bihar, you should make sure that you plan your tour.

Various Attractions

You can get information about various attractions of the state through online resources, and you can also book tickets online. You can also explore some interesting sites on the Net, like historical places of the state, places with national importance, and monuments that are a part of world heritage lists. While you are planning your tour in Bihar, you can also try to explore its history and heritage. You can even have a look at the world heritage list and learn about the country’s history through these sites. This will help you understand the rich cultural heritage of Bihar.

Bihar’s Heritage Tourism

To enjoy Bihar’s heritage tourism, you should also take a trip to the desert regions of the state and experience the local culture. You can visit places like Darjeeling, Panna, Nainital, Darjeeling, etc.
You can also visit other parts of the world to enjoy the beauty of Bihar’s famous monuments. Moreover, you can take a train journey to the Great Himalayas and enjoy a view of the spectacular mountains.

Numerous Tourist Places

Delhi is another important state destination. There are numerous tourist places that you can visit in Delhi. Some of these places are India Gate, Rajpath, Janpath, Anand Vihar, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, Jantar Mantar, and many others.
You can also travel to India to enjoy some beautiful beaches. You can visit the beach resorts in Goa and go for adventure sports activities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Choose To Tour Packages

You can also choose to tour packages that include sightseeing tours to various destinations of India. Like Agra, Mughal tombs, Varanasi, Jaisalmer Fort, Agra Fort, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Kanyakumari, etc.

Expert Knowledge: Famous Monuments Of Bihar

If you want to know more about Bihar’s famous monuments, you can consult with travel agents who have expert knowledge about this area and also provide tour packages. These agents will also advise you about the most suitable time to visit the monuments, and they will arrange for accommodation for your accommodation and transportation needs.

Many tourist visit in bihar
Surprising Stats About Famous Monuments of Bihar


You can also find information about some popular tourist attractions of this state on the internet. Also, you can read reviews and ask questions on various websites and get some good tips about the various places. You can also compare prices of various tours and book your tour packages in advance.

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