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Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love

Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love

Taj Mahal one of the beauties of the world. That is what the world knows about the beautiful taj mahal. But there are many other hidden facts beyond the beauty of this religious monument of India. It is made one of the seventh wonders of the world due to the story as to how it was made and also for the thing it was made. Taj Mahal epitome of love, this is another aspect that you need to know about the seventh wonders of the world. It is the story of love, which is the foundation of this beautiful monument.

Facts About Taj Mahal

A few of the essential and prevalent facts you need to know about taj mahal are mentioned below. Raed the blog to know more about this beautiful monument made in the memory of love.

Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love
Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love

Basic Facts About Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders in the world. It was built by Shahjahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mehal, in Agra on the bank of Yamuna river. Built-in the year 1632. The total monument is of Ivory white marble and is a treat to watch.

Epitome Of Affection

Another aspect of the beautiful monument which is still not revealed much is the love the emperor Shah Jahan had for its believed wife, Mumtaz mahal. It is pure bliss to see the eternal love of the excellent Emporer Shah Jahan. It is something that is still given as an example of true and pure love.

Use Of Precious Stones 

The stones which are in the building of this precious monument were Imported from Outside India. It is one of the factors which makes this beautiful monument worth watching. Taj stones are talked about among the masses due to its work of precious and semi-precious stones. It had 28 different types of rocks that are there in the monument. All these precious stones were from different places

Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love
Taj Mahal Epitome Of Love

 Taj Mahal Shares The Same Architecture As Of Red Fort

One of the very well known monuments of India that is Red Fort made in the auspices of Ustad Ahmed Lahauri. He was the same person who was the head architect for the beauty of Taj. Shah Jahan believed in the style of the architect of the great artist.

World’s Most Beautiful Monument

Taj is one of the most beautiful and prolific pieces of architecture style, which is there around the world. Also, its genius architecture style, its calligraphy, and different form of elevation have made it more precise for the title of wonders of the world. The emperor has indeed built it out of love. The memory of emperors’ wives is still on the monument’s walls. Once in a lifetime, you should visit this beautiful place and revise the whole story again with your loved once. In Indian history lies the love of the great emperor and his beloved wife, which is in every corner of this stunning monument.

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