Tattoos In Indian Culture

tattoos in indian culture

Indian people often think of tattoos as a symbol of social status, something to be preserved for the future generations to come. The rich and royal Indian culture is greatly reflected through their rich artwork, and their tattoo traditions are constantly changing.

Great Evolution Over The Centuries

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As in any culture, tattoos in India has seen a great evolution over the centuries. It was common for royalties in India to have a great tattoo done on their body, with the image of a lord or a goddess immortalized on their skin forever. Many of the royalties had more than one tattoo done, displaying a variety of styles and designs.

The inscriptions on the tattoos were done using scripts and ochre. These tattoos were done in bright colors that were symbolic of the culture and life of the person in question. Tattoos in Indian body art began to fade away after the advent of Buddhism in India. After this period, tattoos became popular as they were recognized as a form of body art and not just for the embellishment of the body.

Symbol Of Aristocracy And Status

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Today, tattoos in Indian culture are widely accepted. The tattoo is no longer a symbol of aristocracy and status. Tattooing in Indian culture is more of a fashion statement and a way to showcase one’s creativity and style. However, even today when people see someone with a lot of tattoos it does not mean they are poor or lazy.

In today’s world of equality it is important to have self-expression. This is especially important in the modern world in which many people are shying away from expressing their emotions and feelings. In many cultures like in the United States and in many parts of Europe tattoos have been viewed as a form of self-expression. With this in mind many people who choose to have tattoos are choosing them for their self-expression purposes. Not only this but tattoos in particular are used as a means of marking one’s history.

Tattoo Artist In Indian Culture

A tattoo artist in Indian culture will generally begin by drawing the designs that he/she thinks will be appealing to the client before they begin to actually do the work. If the client requests an image is drawn specifically they will draw that particular image. Once the design is complete the tattoo artist will apply the oil onto the skin. This is where the first part of the body art process takes place. Many of the designs that are chosen for tattoos in the Indian body art are based on a mythological creature that is believed to have magical powers.

With such beliefs in mind most of the time the tattoos that are chosen are images related to gods or goddesses. Another popular form of body art, which has gained popularity in the recent times in the Indian culture is the temporary tattoos. These tattoos are designed in a way so as to last for only a short period of time after which the person’s body has to be treated with special lotion so as to prevent infection.

Last Words

With all the above being said it can be said that tattoos in Indian culture have become a very important part of many individuals’ lives. In fact with the increasing popularity of temporary tattoo saloons the number of individuals opting for tattoos is also increasing. As more people in the western world opt for permanent body art the popularity of the in Indian body art is also increasing. It is for this reason that Indian tattoo saloons are seeing an increased business every year.

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