The All Time Debate Of Indian Culture Vs Western Culture

indian culture vs western culture

For a very long time, there has been a contesting debate regarding indian culture vs western culture. Almost everyone has something or the other to add to this topic. But, it doesn’t matter how much we glorify either of the cultures, both of them are unique and significant in their ways. In terms of diversity, Indian culture is much more varied. Similarly, western culture traces much of its traditions from European culture.

To continue this debate, let’s see on what other grounds these two cultures differ or find similarities.

Religious Sentiments

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Every indian culture vs western culture debate starts with the belief that India is the land of many religions. Although the majority follows Hinduism; Islam, Christianity and Jainism can also be found here. However, in western countries, Christianity is still the predominantly followed religion. Other than that, only a minor portion of the west follows Islam and Judaism.


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India’s ancient culture has gifted the nation with many festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. In fact, each state of the country has its distinct festivals. Similarly, in western culture, there are some popular festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. However, many people across the globe celebrate Eid and Christmas regardless of their religion.


Every culture’s inherent part is music. Even in the indian culture vs western culture debate, music can never be overlooked. Western music is completely different from Indian music. If Hindustani Classical and Carnatic make up a major part of Indian music, then jazz and heavy metal are inseparable from western music. Moreover, there is the opera, which is again a major attraction in the west.

Art and Painting

Indian art mostly comprises religiously significant elements. Most of the Indian paintings portray scenes that inspire the artist. Some of the Indian artistic legends include M. F. Hussain, Jamini Roy, Abindranath Tagore, etc. However, in the case of western paintings, they uniquely depict beautiful landscapes and the human figure. Importantly, western art is incomplete without the names of Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, etc.

Dressing Attires

In India, the dressing styles differ from region to region because of diversity. For instance, the North Indian attire is completely different from that of Southern India’s. In fact, the traditional Indian attires are still worn by many, even today. On the other hand, the west is recognized for its modern clothing and dressing styles. However, there still are few western indigenous communities that take pride in adhering to traditional clothing. 

Cultures with Myriad Varieties

The fact that the indian culture vs western culture debate will never end is true. But, one thing that is for sure is that both these cultures have a certain influence on our everyday lives. It mostly depends on the individual on which elements he wants to choose and from which culture.

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