The Chennai Super Kings Goes Up Against Theaders From England

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The England cricket squad was touring India during March and April 2021 to play 4 Tests, 3 One Day Internationals and five Twenty20 Internationals. During this tour, which commenced on February 13th and continued till march 25th, an England XI lost to the India A side in their first ever Test match. This was a very good opportunity for the England team to build up their stamina and skills in preparation for their official Twenty20 international against Australia in the month of March/ April.

After the Tests, the tourists were felicitated by the Indian authorities on the anniversary of their victory in the championship series in West Indies. During the entire month, the England players stayed in different cities of India, like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. This gave them ample time to reflect on the results of the Tests and see how far their team had come in the competition.

The Ongoing Commentary Matches On The Radio

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Another interesting part of this tour was the ongoing commentary matches on the radio. The commentary on these was done by the legendary commentary searer John Anderson. He made a lot of history in his career, as he became the first ever commentary host for a major international event, the Twenty20 International. The voice he used was that of Brian Statham, who won the first ever Test match by a century and was then an assistant coach for the England team. Anderson also captained the India side that won the first ever tournament. These were the first ever Tests for India against England.

This tour proved to be a great platform for IPL franchise franchises to take over an existing IPL franchise from an existing IPL franchise. The Mumbai Indians were given a chance to fight for the IPL title after taking over the I-league title from Chennai Kings. But they lost to a stronger team from Pune in the finals. The other team that got an opportunity to fight for the IPL title was the Hyderabad Champions.

The IPL Franchise

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The tour was again successful in getting the IPL franchise from existing clubs to join the international cricket league for the first test of the new tournament. The third test is scheduled to be played in South Africa in December of next year. There are many interested IPL teams which have applied to join the league. There are rumors about the franchise buyers from England to take over the IPL from existing IPL franchises.

Two different sets of IPL franchise rules have been released for the third test matches. One is for existing franchises and the other is for new franchises. According to the second set of IPL franchise rules, existing franchises are allowed to field their first two matches and the host team for the third test.

Losing By A Large Margin

After the first two Tests in India, the hosts won the toss and elected to field. Therefore, the first test match against the England team was played at Old Delhi. Despite being the defending champions, the IPL team ended up losing by a large margin. In the second test, the IPL franchise from England defeated the champions from Dubai by a score of 14-3.

However, despite winning both games, the IPL franchise from England finished third out of four. The other team, which won the toss and elected to field was the Sri Lanka team who finished fourth.


The IPL has seen a lot of growth and expansion over the years. Twenty-one countries have applied for the IPL spot and all but two have been successful. Cricket fans from all over the world can now experience what it is like to be an IPL cricket player. For a nominal fee, they can now be a part of this exciting phenomenon and take part in the most coveted IPL tournament, the IPL season 2. For those fans who have yet to experience the thrill of being an IPL cricket player, the second test match against the UAE can surely motivate them to do so. Visit Chennai for IPL season 2 and enjoy the exhilaration of being an IPL cricket player.

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