The Maps of India

Maps of India

The maps of India are available in varied forms to suit the needs of people interested in maps.

Maps of India come in different scales. There are the 1:4000000 maps, where one inch in the map is equal to four lakhs of a meter in reality. In other words, it shows a very minute area within great detail. Then there are maps for countries, maps for continents, and maps of the world. Then there are maps meant for tourists. For people who visit India, be it for health reasons or just for fun, maps are significant. Without them, you would not know where to go to get what.

History of maps in India

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India has a long history of maps. The maps in India date back to the third century B.C when Ptolemy, an astronomer from Greece, had drawn maps showing India as part of his work on astronomy. It is believed that Ptolemy was born in Egypt and lived in Alexandria. The maps that he drew were according to the maps created by an Indian scholar called Marinus of Tyre, who had lived before Ptolemy and had mapped most of the then known world.

However, these maps made during ancient times can be considered maps drawn from imagination since they didn’t know maps. So maps made by Ptolemy did not have accurate geographical information.

Nonetheless, during medieval times maps started to gain importance. The maps in India during this time were religious – maps of pilgrim centers of India. These maps were drawn by a Persian scholar from Bukhara, who was known as Tabqi. These maps’ purpose was to help the pilgrims travel through India in a better manner.

Maps of India – today

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Maps of India are being made by various organizations – government agencies, private individuals, or even groups of people for one reason, or the other. The maps available online have been viewed by millions of internet users all across the world. Some maps provide information regarding tourist locations in India, maps of states in India, etc.

Maps make it easy for us to understand geographical locations better, and thus, maps play a significant role in our lives today. They provide essential information on where things are besides showing us a map of the route we need to follow for reaching a destination.

It is no wonder that maps of India are available on the internet. However, what might surprise you is that maps of India are available offline! All you need to do is go to different websites and download maps on your device! It would ensure that maps of India can be used by Indian nationals even when they are traveling to a foreign land.

Maps of India are available on the internet for your convenience. You can access maps of India at any time that you want. So, what are you waiting for? Download maps of India right away and enjoy them to the fullest!

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