The Road To Tour Of India With Two Test Matches

tour of india

The England cricket team is once again touring India this month and the first match is scheduled to be played on February 14 in the city of Chennai. There is a lot more to this trip for the English cricket fans. Over four Tests and two One-Day Internationals will be played in India. It will be an excellent opportunity for the English team to show that they can still be among the top teams in the world and are not just lagging behind in all

Tour Of India

The England squad for this month’s tour has been reduced by one player with George Finch injured. He has been replaced by Kevin Friend as the vice captain. This leaves pace bowler county player Michael Yarde as the only uncapped batsman in the touring squad. It is an exciting time for Yarde as he tries to prove that he is fast enough to make it in the test series against India.

Two Tests and four one-day games are what England are getting for this month’s tour of India. Most fans have predicted a comfortable home performance by the tourists but it looks like things could get messy as the pace bowlers struggle to win matches in the Caribbean. Till the end of August and the beginning of September the team playing in the West Indies will be playing three Tests and seven one-day matches in India. During these Tests they will be playing two Tests in the Caribbean against the Windies and three Tests in India itself.

Venue For The Tour Of India 2021

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For fans who have travelled to India before this tour, this will be a nice change from the normal monotonous routine of matches played here. The venues for cricketing events in India are different and interesting. Pune and Mumbai are always on the top of the list when discussing the best venues for any cricketing event in India. The venue for the tour of India 2021 is going to be decided in the next few weeks.

Two Tests scheduled in March and three Tests in March and April in the West Indies. Two Tests in the West Indies in December followed by three Tests in India. The four one-day internationals in March and the four Tests in India in December also offer an opportunity for fans to witness a spectacular match between India and England. Twenty20 Internationals will also be played during the month of March and the month of April in the West Indies.

The fans will also get an opportunity to watch the resurgence of century cricket heroes such as David Warner and Kevin Pietri. They have been given a second chance after injuries to captain Michael Holding and vice-captain Alastair Cook. These opportunities and the scorecard which will be generated by them will provide the fans with much needed confidence. The ongoing Twenty20 Internationals in India have a lot to do with their results. Hence, the tourists should pay attention to the results of these tournaments carefully.

Champions League Twenty20 Matches In India

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The Champions League Twenty20 matches in India this season is going to be very entertaining as well. The semi-final and final matches in the league Twenty20 will be played between holders Real Madrid and holders Chelsea. It will be interesting to see how Madrid will play against Chelsea as Real Madrid haven’t been too successful in the league matches so far this season. The semi-finals and the finals of the league Twenty20 will also be very entertaining and it is high time that supporters of any team that is playing will get motivated and try their best to win this tournament.

The first two test matches of the World Twenty20 were played in New Zealand, where the hosts lost the toss twice and were bowled out by a composed Pakistan side. The home side has improved a lot since then, although their last two games against Australia were not so good. With the right motivation and belief from their players the tourists should bounce back strongly from these difficult times and win this first two test matches against India.

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