The Thar Desert And The Best Time To Visit It

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The Jewel and heart of the golden city, Thar desert, is spread over 200K sq km. It has boundaries and highlights that will make any traveler awe-struck and see the beauty of the Thar desert. Traveling under the range of the Thar desert is not so easy; that’s why you need to take the help of sand savvy vehicles as well as this post. This post tells about Thar desert and what is the best time to visit? Whether it’s fair to visit in summer or winter, how many hours it will take, is packed in the guide.

Thar Desert Tourism

Throughout the world, the largest and widespread desert that has unique terrain is found in India. The name originated from “thul,” i.e., sand. It is spread over parts of Pakistan and western India, thus covering 200K sq km. If you wish to travel to this beautiful place, don’t forget to understand the local fauna and flora of the desert. It’s not only the window of the local life of people but also a sure thing for photography. The scrub forest allows you to see plenty of plant-and-animal life while exploring the Thar.

The Thar Desert And The Best Time To Visit It
The Thar Desert And The Best Time To Visit It

Thar Desert Overview

These massive sand dunes are situated in the north-western part of India. Thar desert ties up with 15% of Pakistan and rests 85% with Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat plus Haryana. Rajasthan is the most significant state of India, thus consisting of the largest population in the area. That’s what brings opportunities not only to see life in the desert but also meet the people living there.


For example, Jaisalmer and Bikaner cover the thickest part of the desert. While craft, scrub forests, and the local village cover the most significant part of the desert. If you wish to explore the destination, then you should not skip the idea of visiting Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

Thar Desert Climate

Since that desert is covered entirely with sand under the boiling temperature, the best time to visit it is October-February. In summer, the temperature is unbearable. However, in winter, the climate is icy and pleasant. Navigating in winter avoids the exposure to heat. Thus you experience a great visit.

Thar Desert Places To Visit

There are lots of places to visit. However, four areas are must-visit. The city may lie between Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Here are those four places-


In Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is famous and known as the beacon of the Rajasthan. Interestingly, it’s a part of the town.

Thar Desert- Bikaner

Bikaner is the home of ancient palaces, temples, and forts. You will be served with a great Rajasthani Food here.


It is occasionally named the “wonderful city” of India. Jaisalmer has the gorgeous shades of the sand and the famous Jaisalmer fort.

The Thar Desert And The Best Time To Visit It
The Thar Desert And The Best Time To Visit It

Rann Of Kutch

Since it stretches to some part of Gujarat, something 7000 sq km, it is the home of wild asses.

Thar Desert- Things To Do

You can try luxury camping, desert safari, parasailing, visiting a desert national park, ran of kutch, tal cheaper sanctuary, and Nara desert sanctuary.

In the first place, protect yourself from scorching temperatures with plenty of water, sunglasses, and hats.

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