Top Eastern Tourism In India Which You Will Find Mesmerising To Visit

A herd of cattle grazing on a lush green field

Eastern India comes with lush green tourist spots which are a must-visit. Though there are some coastal destinations to take down trips. However, nothing can beat the amazing view of the thriving green forests which one can enjoy in eastern tourism in India. So, without any further ado let us find out those beautiful destinations to plan your next trip.

Gangtok Wins The Top Rank In The Eastern Tourism In India

A man riding a elephant

This hilltop location is one of the common tourist locations which every inhabitant of West Bengal has visited several times. However, each time makes it more magical hence they repeat the trip every now and then. The alluring ambiance paired up with bouncy clouds floating near you is sure to make the whole time breathtaking.

While in Gangtok, the mighty Kanjnejunga will peek through the clouds playing hide and seek with you. You must stay prepared to catch the most stunning scenery for a ‘forever goal’.

The weather offers you time to visit any time of the year. You can pay a visit to Nathula Pass, MG road, and Rumtek monastery while visiting this lovely location. 

Kaziranga National Park Comes Next In This List Of Tourist Spots

A large body of water with Taj Mahal in the background

Prominently known as the home of the one-horned rhino, making it to be one of the notable tourist attractions.  Well, you can also enjoy the lush green sceneries wherever your eyes meet nature. Apart from taking a safari tour, you can also enjoy quality meals at the local restaurants in the national park itself. When in Kaziranga, make sure that you take a tour to explore the flora and fauna in detail to make it the best time of the trip.

Majuli Tourism Stands Third In This List

The scenery of the landscape will undoubtedly give your eyes a detoxification session from the regular humdrum it goes each day with. Yes, the luxurious yet minimalistic ambiance throughout the area is stunning to spend your vacation time. If you are having only 1-3 days to spend, then take down the Majuli trip. However, the suitable weather here stays only for July to March. Hence planning in between this range would offer you the brilliant time of the year.

Next, Take A Trip To Shillong

The destination stands robust amongst the pine trees which is perfect to take a trip from September to May. The cool atmosphere is so profuse that you will get lost during the whole stay at this amazing place. Wherever you will look, your eyes will feel relaxed with the picturesque green aura. If you are lucky, the drizzling coupled with the soothing breeze will welcome you with a warm heart to make your time the best in Shillong.

While Concluding

Well, these are the top four eastern tourism in India which are a must-visit. Take a quick break to settle with any of the choices. Then plan a trip to relax and soothe your senses for the time being. These locations are solid choices for long-awaited vacations, too. So happy holidays fellas.

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